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How to Include Professional References in a Sales Resume

Though they’re no longer staples of curricula vitae, including references in a sales resume can sometimes be helpful. it’s crucial to make sure you have a few select colleagues that would serve well in this regard. Their knowledge of your work ethic could be vital for securing a job.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Sales Resume

Generally, you should only include references in a sales resume if hiring managers have requested them. However, they may be worth adding if you have developed references who would make an exceptional impression on decision makers. As with most information, the key is to consider how well it works for you.

How to Include Professional References in a Sales Resume

Whether requested or not, the best way to include references is on a separate sheet. Don’t put them in the main body of your resume. As for formatting, a simple list of information is accepted but variations are more than welcome as long as the information remains clear. Never include the phrase “References Available Upon Request”.

Example of Professional References in a Sales Resume

Staci K. CohenlySenior VP,
SalesCloud Logistics2900 Center DriveBillings,
MT 59102Phone: (406) 122-5244

Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

  • Make sure you have a reference’s approval before submitting their information. Even if you’ve known the person the entirety of your professional career, they may not have the availability or willingness to answer questions from your potential employer. Respect your references’ wishes.
  • Titles matter. While it’s great to have a strong network of coworkers, hiring companies are always impressed by positions that carry prestige. These are typically those considered to be a part of the c-suite. The higher up the ladder they are from you, the more impressive you seem.
  • Match your references to your resume. If you’re writing your sales resumes correctly, you’re adapting them to various positions, changing your skill focus accordingly. Why wouldn’t you then switch out references that can speak honestly about each specific skill set?
  • Send your references the job opening description. After they’ve read over it, they’ll have a much better understanding of what the hiring staff is looking for. This then gives you an advantage since they’ll know how to better sell you as a great potential employee.
  • Choose references that are specific to the industry and the position you are looking to join. For sales, this usually means those with titles such as senior vice president of sales, vice president of sales, sales manager and director of sales. The more related they are to the position you seek, the more they’ll be able to speak to your potential in the role.


In the end, using references in a sales resume should really only serve as the icing on the application cake. For help crafting a superior summary of your skills, abilities and talents, MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder is the tool you need to succeed.