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How to Write a Sales Resume Education Section

Whether you want to sell office supplies, technology equipment, medical equipment or anything else, you need to include a sales resume education section. It explains where you went to school and can also include experiences you have in the form of internships, fundraising or sales. It gives hiring managers a little information regarding any training you have and allows them to determine any skills or knowledge you might have gained.

What to Include in a Sales Resume Education Section

The sales resume education section can include your grade point average if you’re a recent graduate, a short list of related courses you took in business or sales and clubs or activities that show you have good public speaking, communication and sales skills. Though you should list degrees you have already earned, you can also list a degree you have yet to finish and a note regarding when you will complete the program. If you did any type of internship with a company, especially one in the same industry as the job you’re applying for, put that in the education section, too. There is no need to list high school information unless that’s your only educational background.

How to Format a Sales Resume Education Section

The education section of your resume belongs after work experience, unless you Don’t have any. No matter your academic certification, you should always put the degree or diploma you earned and when you graduated (if it’s recent) in your first line. The second line is the perfect place to list the school’s name, city and state. You also want to use bullet points in a list format to talk about your academic honors, coursework, internships and clubs you took part in while enrolled in school. If you have multiple entries, start with the most recent degree and go backwards from there.

Example of a Sales Resume Education Section

Are you still confused about how an education section looks? Get an exact idea of the format in our example.EducationAssociate of Science in Business, 2013Los Angeles Community College-Los Angeles, CA

  • Assisted in fundraising efforts to raise more than $25,000 for the college
  • Graduated magna cum laude
  • Coursework in business ethics, business law, management and operations
  • Interned at a Fortune 500 company dealing specifically in technology and tech equipment
  • Member of the college’s honor society, professional business club, leadership club and debate team


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