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How to Write a Sales Resume Honors and Awards Section

By learning how to write a quality sales resume honors and awards section, you can see how it will help you attract employers interested in what you have to offer. Your honors and awards section highlights relevant accomplishments that are sure to entice hiring managers to call you for that coveted interview. If you have won awards related to the position you want, do your best to point them out so that you can enjoy the benefits of showing employers what makes you the best sales candidate for their company.

Should You Include a Sales Resume Honors and Awards Section?

As you learn how to write a sales resume honors and awards section, you will see that it only works if there are three or more accomplishments to put in it. If you only have one award you want to mention, you can squeeze it into your experience section to save room on your resume and to give it a more professional look. This section should only appear on your resume if you have three job-related awards in which you feel would be of interest to your potential hiring managers. If you have perfect attendance at your job or have won awards like Agent of the Month for your company, these honors could help you to have a better chance of getting the job you desire.

How to Format a Sales Resume Honors and Awards Section

When learning how to write an eye-catching sales resume honors and awards section, go into detail about the reason for your recognition and the date of your award. You can catch the attention of potential hiring managers by showing them you are a winning candidate who enjoys working hard. It can be smart to show employers how they will benefit from meeting you in an interview. You should add verifiable information and always be honest and upfront so that they know you can meet their needs. When writing your honors and awards section, make sure you position it at the bottom, that it includes at least three bullet points and that you give it a careful read through to make sure it’s free of simple grammatical errors.
Example of a Sales Resume Honors and Awards Section
To give you an idea of the formatting, content and appearance of a well-written sales resume honors and awards section for your resume, consider the following example and modify it as needed:
  • Consistently awarded Top Agent of the Month awards for various months from 2005 to 2015 from Truman Enterprises.
  • Won Top Commercial Insurance Sales Award in Market in 2014
  • Increased sales by $10,000 by assisting clients in showroom
  • Grew customer base by 50 percent at Allen Services from 2005 to 2010


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