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How to Write a Sales Resume Objective

If you are interested in learning how to write a sales resume objective, you may want to reconsider. At one time, it was the professional standard to submit a resume that began with a job objective, but experts today largely agree that those days are gone. Instead, the resume summary has replaced the resume objective as the preferred opening, focusing on what the applicant wants to achieve by highlighting what the applicant can offer the company.

How You Used to Write a Sales Resume Objective

As a sales professional, you probably understand the reason behind eliminating the need for learning how to write a sales resume objective; they focus too much on the applicant’s desires, when a great resume should sell the reader on the applicant. A typical resume objective would look something like this:Job Objective: To obtain a managerial sales position where I can use my 15 years of sales experience.Job Objective: To obtain a job as a sales associate at an established retail company where I can use my enthusiasm and great work ethic.The resume objective leads with what the applicant wants and gives passing mention to his or her qualifications.

How to Write a Sales Resume Summary Statement

The resume summary, on the other hand, highlights the applicant’s strengths and experiences that would best suit the position he or she is applying for. Here are some guidelines for writing a great sales resume summary:

  • Keep it short. Four lines should do, but use up to six if needed. You can write your summary in paragraph form without using first person statements. Sentence fragments are just fine.
  • Think about the strengths, experiences, and passions that would best be used on the job. Focus on where you want to go, not where you’re coming from.
  • Know your industry well. What qualities are most valued in the sales world? Do you have an outgoing, persuasive personality? What specific results did you get for the last company you worked for?
  • When you’ve written your statement, keep refining it until it’s just right. Feel free to add or subtract from it until it describes your major selling points in a succinct way.
Example of How to Write a Sales Resume Objective

Entry level sales professional with strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills. Attentive listener and strong persuasive skills. Recent graduate from XYZ College Communications program.This resume summary briefly sums up why the applicant is the best choice for an entry level sales position at the company where he or she is applying. Anyone who reads it can quickly tell whether or not he or she is a good candidate. This eliminates the need to know how to write a sales resume objective.


A resume summary makes your resume a strong contender. If you’ve found this information on how to write a sales resume objective helpful, then check out MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to create a standout, professional resume in minutes.