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How to Write a Sales Resume Skills Section

A resume should always be written in a customized style, meaning that it contains information relevant to the job position you are seeking. It isn’t always necessary to include a separate section for work skills, but a sales resume skills section might come in handy if you are applying for a sales position where certain customer service knowledge or marketing savvy is required. Hiring managers appreciate seeing pertinent information concerning your educational and training skills because it lets them know that you are already familiar with the specifics of the job itself.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Sales Resume

Generally, you should include a skills section if you have special talents combined with job experience that is similar to what is required for the position you seek. If you do include a sales resume skills section, it’s a good idea to place it near the top of the resume after the introductory section but before any sections on work history and education. This ensures the hiring manager will see that you have sales skills required for the job without having to read the entire resume. Each skill set should stand alone as a single, short paragraph, with the paragraphs arranged in numerical list or bullet style. As an example, if you are applying for an outside sales representative for a flooring products company, it’s a good idea to mention such skills as mathematics knowledge, wholesale industry trends, and micro-economics education.

What to Include in a Sales Resume Skills Section

Not all skills you possess are good choices for inclusion in this resume section. You want to separate accomplishments, achievements, and awards from actual skill sets, putting the former in a separate section. Integrate such skills as communications, motivational ability, being a good team member, etc. into your introduction or as part of the description of former job duties. However, skills that directly relate to the position you are seeking should be part of the list, i.e. skills set that pertain to sales, marketing, profit margins, networking, and affiliate teams. As an example, skill subjects pertinent to the marketing and sales of wholesale auto parts are:
  • Automotive mechanics engineering
  • Economics degree or trade school diploma
  • Speaking skills
Example of a Sales Resume Skills Section
Remember to format your sales resume skills section the same way you put together your education and training, experience, and other parts of your resume. In other words, compile the list into short paragraphs with appropriate headers or bold-font topic statements. Here is an example of a skills section that appropriate for an individual applying for a sales job with a major software designer (This is just a partial list sample. Your resume skills section should contain no more than about 10-12 total skill sets.):
  • IT Programming. Five years of experience in the development of web design software for use in the sales and marketing industry.
  • Outside Sales. Three years as a field representative for a major communications company, building a client base of companies seeking affordable web-based SEO solutions.
  • Business Network Design. Extensive experience in the sales of customized business networking solutions using fully integrated software. Knowledge of seamless integration techniques.


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