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How to Write a Sales Resume Summary Statement

You may be used to opening up your word processor’s resume template to find the resume objective as the first thing that pops up. For years, this piece of the resume may have eluded your understanding. However, Don’t worry about it any longer. It only told employers something they already knew: you want a job from them. Instead, you have the opportunity to write something like a 30-second sales pitch to employers. This is called the resume summary, and with these helpful tips, you can be well on your way to creating a sales resume summary that stands out.

What to Include in a Sales Resume Summary Statement

When learning how to write a sales resume summary statement, start off with your job title. You might put that you are a sales manager or sales representative, depending on your position. It is important to show off your strengths, experience, and any other valuable traits. Think about your special skills and what the job you are interested in is looking for. You may add something about having extensive experience in achieving company marketing goals, or you may highlight the fact that you have strengths in reaching or exceeding sales quotas by using metric data. If you are a good communicator, you could explain that in your statement, too. As you learn how to write a sales resume summary statement, you will see that it is important to showcase your talents in an informative way.Remember that your situation is different from everyone else’s, so Don’t be surprised that your summary will be different, too. From the kind of education and sales experience you have to the personality traits you bring to the job, focus on how your uniqueness will be an asset to an employer.

How to Format a Sales Resume Summary Statement

As you write a resume summary statement, it is important to keep it brief and to the point. Your statement should be placed in the same font style and size as the rest of your resume, and it should be placed at the top, just below your name and contact information. You will want to avoid using first-person pronouns and instead start with first-person action verbs that will impress potential hiring managers. Sentence fragments are acceptable in this section, but it should be between four and six lines of text in paragraph format.

Tips for Writing a Sales Resume Summary Statement

Getting some guidance before writing is always a good practice when it comes to your resume. Take a look at these few to get you started:

  • Emphasize your strongest skill sets, such as sales training or licensing, to show you have the talents and skills that the company you are interested in needs.
  • Be sure to focus on the unique talents that you enjoy using and that will truly benefit potential employers, such as strong customer service and communication skills.
  • Highlight any valuable personality traits or soft skills relevant to the job you want, such as outgoing or friendly.
  • Include any major awards or key metric data that would impress an employer.
Example of a Sales Resume Summary Statement

Innovative sales manager with 25 years of experience in managing multiple teams and meeting deadlines. Exemplary communication and interpersonal skills. Strong leadership skills in the sales industry with proven strengths in customer service and negotiations. Increased company profits in 2015 by 33 percent, and reduced spending by 9 percent through an implemented savings initiative.


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