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How to Write a Sales Resume Work Experience Section

A sales experience resume is not a job application but rather an overview of your work history, accomplishments and any special skills you possess that would be of interest to hiring managers. The sales resume work experience section is perhaps the most important part because it clearly and concisely communicates why you are qualified for the position. When formatted properly, your sales resume experience section details your qualifications without long, drawn-out explanations.

What to Include in a Sales Resume Work Experience Section

Unlike a job application, a sales resume experience section should include only the most relevant facts. Make up a list of your recent accomplishments and circle the ones that would be of interest to the company to which you are applying. For example, if you worked previously as a department head in a large clothing store, you would want to emphasize your ability to motivate your team to produce high-volume sales. This would be especially important for a position involving sales quotas. You don’t need to include employment history from a different industry, nor do you need to list jobs that were performed more than 20 years ago.

How to Format a Sales Resume Work Experience Section

The experience section should start with your current or most recent job and list back in reverse chronological order. Each headline should include a job title, the dates you worked for the company, the company name and the city and state. Below your headline should be a series of 5-8 bullet statements that are action-oriented, giving quantifiable facts or figures that highlight your achievements and duties. This makes it easy for the hiring manager to quickly skim over the material and focus on the major points. Start each bullet point with an action verb to convey your sense of responsibility and dedication, and only use present tense when referring to current positions.

Example of a Sales Resume Work Experience Section

In the following example, the job seeker is interested in an outside sales position with a company that sells bulk quantities of ventilated wire shelving. Note the focus on accomplishments and organizational skills rather than a mere description of job duties. Work ExperienceSales ConsultantFebruary 2013 – presentThe Closets Factory – Mesa, AutoZone

  • Three years as an outside sales representative and product demonstrator.
  • Continually develop repeat customer sales strategies.
  • Designed an advanced geo-targeted SEO advertising program.
  • Spearhead the ordering Department.
  • Organize product flow management system for inventory control.
  • Deliver inventory and shipping reports for a $6 million annual revenue wholesaler.
  • Designed and developed a bulk sales shipping schedule.


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