Social Services

Social Services

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How to Write a Social Services Resume Certifications and Training Section

If you intend to work in social services, there are quite a few certifications and training sessions you may have worked toward. Hiring managers are consistently impressed when they see training and certifications that pertain to the job at hand. These credentials demonstrate that you have experience and education in your desired industry, but there are some things to consider before you create your own social services resume certifications and training section.

What Kind of Certification and Training Should You List on Your Social Services Resume

First, it is essential to evaluate which training and certifications are best suited for your resume in the social services industry. Ask yourself these questions if you are considering a specific credential:

  • Is my training or certification relevant to skills listed in the social services position’s description?
  • Will your certification or training prove useful in assisting or providing counsel for clients?
  • Did you obtain this license or certificate through an accredited institution?
  • Do you have certification in a certain type of therapy?
  • Is your certification or license from an internship or volunteer opportunity?

Will this credential demonstrate that I work well with my target audience?If you happen to have any of the following, make sure that you add them to your social services resume certifications and training section:

  • Emergency response training
  • Training in grief counseling
  • Your official social services license
  • Internship experiences
  • Experience with community resources
  • Crisis intervention training
  • Credentials related to teaching or psychology, especially if they indicate that you have transferable skills

How to Format a Social Services Resume Certifications and Training Section

While some people prefer to put their certifications and training in the education section, it is often better to include them in their own section, especially if you have more than a few. You should include your certifications under education or skills if you have only one or two.The social services resume certifications and training section of your resume should include the title of your credential or type of training, followed by the year you achieved it and an idea of the location. This is especially important when you are listing licenses, as one license may not be valid for practice in all parts of the country. When you write out the name of a credential or type of training, make sure to use the acronym and then spell it out. This makes it easier for the reader to understand your training. You can also list each item in a vertical list rather than in paragraph form.

Example of a Social Services Resume Certifications and Training Section

Licensed Clinical Social Worker – 2010, CaliforniaTraining in Grief Counseling – 2011, CaliforniaCertification in Art Therapy – 2011, CaliforniaSocial Work Internship – 2012, CaliforniaInterpersonal Communication Seminar – 2013


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