Social Services

Social Services

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How to Write a Social Services Resume Education Section

Those in the social services industry often have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work. Creating a social services resume education section gives you a clear place to talk about your education and the experiences you had in college. Hiring managers working in both the public and private sectors often require that job applicants have some type of degree and that they include details relating to those degrees on their resumes.

What to Include in a Social Services Resume Education Section

There are both general and specialized things you need to include in an education section. General items include information relating to your grade point average if you’re a recent graduate, the degree you have and where you attended college, but do not list high school unless it is your only education. If you begin applying to jobs while still in school, make it clear that while you do not yet have a degree, you will complete that degree before accepting the job. Any credentials you earned while in school should go in the bullet points underneath your schooling information. This can include a license to practice social work in your state or any psychology or counseling certificates you have.

How to Format a Social Services Resume Education Section

Make sure your social services resume education section has a good flow and hiring managers can easily see the items you list in this section. One line at the top should include your school’s name and location, but the second line should list your degree type and graduation date if it was recent and does not make a gap appear in the resume. If you minored in a related field, include the name of your minor in the list below. The bullet list you make in the education section can include the certificate(s) you have, your GPA, whether you worked while in college, the topic of your thesis and some examples of courses you took.

Example of a Social Services Resume Education Section

No matter what type of degree you have, you can use this example to see the best way to format your social services resume education section.EducationUniversity of California at Los Angeles-Los Angeles, CAMaster of Social Work, 2014

  • Completed a thesis that identified the best ways of working with childhood victims of sexual abuse
  • Earned a GPA of 3.8 on a traditional 4.0 scale
  • Worked as a Resident Adviser in one of the female dormitories for two years
  • Successfully completed a six-month internship with the Los Angeles Department of Family Services
  • Took advanced courses on client counseling, abuse reporting, social work research and management theory
  • Gained certification as a licensed social worker in the state of California


A great education section only looks great when it works with the rest of your resume. When you have trouble figuring out how to format a social services resume or with how to include pertinent information, head to MyPerfectResume’s resume builder.