Social Services

Social Services

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How to Write a Social Services Resume Objective

You may be surprised to learn that you no longer need to write a social services resume objective when developing your professional resume. This practice is outdated, as hiring personnel are well aware of your objective in applying for a job, and most now prefer you write a summary statement at the beginning of your resume. Unlike a social services resume objective that merely states what you would like to receive from the potential employer, a resume summary statement offers examples of how you can benefit the company to which you’re applying.

How You Used to Write a Social Services Resume Objective

In the past, it was expected that you would include a social services resume objective stated clearly at the top of your document. This objective statement told the hiring agent the type of social services position you hoped to acquire along with the kind of agency or organization with which you would like to be employed. For example, you might have written, “Seeking an entry-level social services position with a community agency that directly supports residents in need.” Another example may be, “Looking for employment as a counseling professional with a growing social service agency in order to provide assistance to at-risk populations.” Both of these examples are vague and do not tell potential employers what you can bring to their organizations.

How to Write a Social Services Resume Summary Statement

A social services summary statement varies from a social services resume objective in that it gives readers a succinct view of your unique qualifications and skills as they relate to the position at hand. Your summary should be concise and consist of four to six lines written in paragraph form that highlight your strongest skills or accomplishments, along with other key selling points that are relevant to the position. If you have experience in the social services industry, it may be a good idea to include specific ways in which you excelled in past positions, while those new to the field can focus on personal characteristics, internships and educational experiences or volunteer work.

Here is an example of a comprehensive resume summary statement:

SummaryLicensed social worker with over five years of direct experience counseling adjudicated youth in a residential treatment setting. Received “Outstanding Counselor of the Year” award twice. Expert knowledge of one-to-one and group counseling techniques, as well as safe physical management practices. Strong oral and written communication skills; comfortable dealing with parents, school administrators and the court systems. Notice that the format used here does not include complete sentences, nor is it written in the first person point of view.


As you can see, writing a summary statement that clearly lays out your unique qualifications is a far more effective technique than the outdated social services resume objective that was once an acceptable practice. If you are still feeling overwhelmed about writing your resume, you should take a look at how MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder can help you to quickly create a professional resume that stands out from the competition.