Social Services

Social Services

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How to Write a Social Services Resume Skills Section

The social services field includes social workers and others who care about the clients they work with every day. A social services resume skills section includes a short list of the skills that make you a good worker and are more likely to make a hiring manager schedule an interview with you. While you can create a resume that does not include a standalone skills section, which is quite common, having one lets hiring managers take note of your best skills and whether those skills are necessary for the open position.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Social Services Resume?

A social services resume skills section isn’t always necessary, because you might make note of your top skills throughout your resume. There is also a risk that you might find yourself stretching to list more skills and wind up listing some that do not apply to the job at hand. The main reason you should include a skills section on your resume is because it lets employers know how you can serve as an asset for the company and help achieve company goals. It is also best to use a separate skills section when you recently graduated from college or just obtained a social work license and do not yet have practical experience.

What to Include in a Social Services Resume Skills Section

A common mistake many make when writing a social services resume skills section is they try to incorporate too much information. You really only need a bullet point list of between five and eight items. If you have too many items or too few, try to incorporate that information elsewhere. Go over your resume several times to ensure you do not include items in the skills section that you have anywhere else. Some top social services skills you may want to note include:

  • Whether you have a driver’s license and are comfortable working in the field
  • Any experience you have with grant proposals or fundraising
  • Assessment of clients ranging from infants to the elderly
  • Case management expertise in regards to clients
  • Counseling services that you offered in the field or in your office
Example of a Social Services Resume Skills Section

Looking at a few examples of a social services resume skills section can help you decide whether to include one on your resume and the type if details to include in the section. Start with the following example:


  • Planning and management of more than 100 cases on a weekly basis
  • Assessing the needs of clients through the use of in-person meetings and phone calls
  • Writing grant proposals to gain additional funding for social services organizations
  • Developing and supervising staff including social workers daily
  • Counseling clients during weekly meetings to improve their physical and mental health


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