Social Services

Social Services

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How to Write a Social Services Resume Summary Statement

old social service resume objectiveoverview of your most important assets, selling them first thing to employers and causing intrigue. It replaces the old resume objective, which became obsolete because it only told employers one thing: you want a job. The summary is key because you get to describe yourself in an ideal manner. A social services resume summary statement is important because it shows your top qualifications and everything that makes you a good candidate.

What to Include in a Social Services Resume Summary Statement

As a professional working in the social services field, your resume summary statement should a brief overview of your career, including the type of clients you worked with in the past. You should also make note of specific job duties you performed, including maintaining records of clients and visiting the homes of your clients. You may also want to include a few major skill sets and soft skills relevant to the job description. It’s often helpful to state whether you have a valid license and are willing to travel or if you have a degree or license in social work.Keep in mind that the way your statement reads will vary based on many things, such as whether you are a recent college graduate or you spent years working for local organizations and departments.

How to Format a Social Services Resume Summary Statement

A basic social services resume summary should be placed at the top of all other sections, except for your name and contact information. It should be written in paragraph format, and you should stick to between four and six lines of text. Try to avoid using any type of first person pronouns as well, even if it looks odd at first. Sentence fragments are acceptable to include here.

Tips for Writing a Social Services Resume Summary Statement

Are you looking for some help or tips on writing a resume statement? Use the tips below when you start writing your statement.

  • Use just one term that describes the type of job you have currently or your most recent job in the opening line.
  • Think of the opening line as a statement that will hook the reader and make he or she keep reading. This gives focus to the rest of your resume, too.
  • List any licenses or social work degrees that you have, including a BSW, in the very first sentence.
  • Include some of your capabilities in the last line, such abuse identification or records management.
  • Describe your willingness to travel or work with clients both in your office and in the field or their homes.
Example of a Social Services Resume Summary Statement

Highly organized social worker with a license in California and more than eight years of experience working with clients ranging from toddlers to the elderly. Capable of spending long hours in the field, possess a valid state driver’s license and a degree from a top graduate program. High level of experience in record keeping and management, abuse identification and working independently.


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