Spa and Salon

Spa and Salon

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How to Write a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Education Section

It’s an industry that includes wellness, fitness, diet, physical therapy and health, to name a few. it’s important that people looking for work here show they have the sufficient education and training to be trusted with an employer’s clients and customers. Spas, gyms, salons and fitness centers require a candidate who knows the best and safest practices, and when employers review your resume, they need to see a salon/spa/fitness resume education section that highlights all the appropriate coursework you’ve taken.

What to Include in a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Education Section

There are two types of information your salon/spa/fitness resume education section needs. One is general best practices. This includes your high school diploma or GED, college experiences and GPA (if you are a recent graduate), as well as any other schools you attended, even if you didn’t finish. The other category is industry best practices, entailing any licenses, training or coursework you may have taken to certify your talents. You can also include any honors received as a result of your education and add any seminars or conferences that played a part in your professional development.

How to Format a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Education Section

If you have five or more years of experience in the world of salon, spa and fitness, your work experiences should take priority and go before the education section. If this field is new to you or your previous work experience is not primarily in the spa/salon/fitness industry, education should go before work experience.Only include high school if you did not go to college or if you went to training or vocational school and do not have a strong work history. Note your grade average or GPA, but only if it’s an impressive number. If there’s more than one relevant institute, list everything in reverse chronological order, as well as any honors, awards and recognitions, which should follow your formal education. EDUCATION[Degree/Certification/Training], MONTH YEARSCHOOL, CITY, STATE[Degree/Certification/Training], MONTH YEARSCHOOL, CITY, STATE[HONORS, ACHIEVEMENTS, AWARDS-each on its own line]If you’re emphasizing education over work history, you can put in subsections entitled “RELEVANT COURSEWORK” and list studies pertinent to the job in question.

Example of a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Education Section

EDUCATION Associate of Applied Science in Cosmetology, April 2015New Cityland Beauty School, New Cityland, CALicensed Cosmetologist in California, Nevada and Oregon


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