Spa and Salon

Spa and Salon

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How to Write a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Objective

If you applied for a job in the past that required you write a resume, you probably needed to include an salon/spa/fitness resume objective statement. This was traditionally a short statement of one to two sentences that you placed at the very top of your resume, which made it the first thing that prospective employers saw. Employers often used this section to get an idea about the type of job that you wanted, but as trends and the needs of employers changed, this section became far less important. You can now get across the same information in a small summary statement.

How You Used to Write a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Objective

When writing a salon/spa/fitness resume objective in the past, you typically included just enough information to make employers want to read on and learn more about you. This section served to tell employers your goals and objectives for the future. Instead of describing any experience you had or what made you a good fit for the job at hand, the objective section was a short list that described the type of job you wanted. Check out the following two examples for an idea of what a salon/spa/fitness resume objective once looked like: A position in a salon, day spa or fitness center with a long history of success and a large customer base that would lead to additional opportunities in the future and the chance to work in a management position.A professional position in a fitness center that offers job stability and the chance for future growth while still putting employees close to customers to ensure they are happy with the services offered.

How to Write a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Summary Statement

While some think that they must have an objective section when creating a resume, many applicants are better off listing a resume summary. A salon/spa/fitness resume objective is often best for those who have minimal experience, those just leaving college and those who are in the middle of changing careers. A summary of four to six lines, written in paragraph form, is better for those who have worked in the same field for a number of years and want to highlight the best things about themselves. Instead of focusing on the type of job you want or type of employer you want to work with, a summary focuses more on your skills, achievements and personality traits, but do not write them in first person.

Check out the example below for more help:

Professional fitness trainer with strong customer service background and the ability to work overtime to meet the needs of all customers. Some experience in the management of facilities and employees, working with customers to identify their needs and doing light cleaning around the facility as needed.


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