Spa and Salon

Spa and Salon

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How to Write a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Skills Section

The section of the resume that lists skills is all-important in salon, spa and fitness. The salon/spa/fitness resume skills section doesn’t merely show you can manage payments and inventory, that you can keep common areas neat and check equipment, it shows you have the skills to properly coach people to use equipment, to follow diets and ultimately to convince people to take better care of themselves. While the resume skills section isn’t often commonplace on a resume, it is essential to helping employers understand the expertise and value you can bring to the workplace.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume?

There’s really no profession that wouldn’t benefit from an applicant adding a skills section to his or her resume, especially in a customer-focused service like salon, spa and fitness. Any profession that entails the emotional and physical care and well-being of others requires employees who can manage client treatment programs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs growth in this field will be strong over the coming decade. Only the best of the best will be eligible, and only someone with all the right skills, and a well-written salon/spa/fitness resume skills section, will get the best position and best pay.

What to Include in a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Skills Section

The salon/spa/fitness resume skills section should make note that you are familiar with the tools and resources of your trade, but of course, skills will vary resume to resume and job to job. Still, whether applying for physical therapist, masseur or trainer, you need to compile a list that includes hard and soft skills that prove competency. Your skills section should include short phrases without periods at the end, and you should have at least three items for each column without exceeding eight.The top five skills that are essential to this particular industry include:

  • Hard skills related to software and other tools familiar to spas, salons and gyms
  • Soft skills and internal talents, such as being able to effectively communicate
  • Having the ability to push coworkers and clients to excel
  • Having the knack to assess client needs through analysis, knowledge and intuition
  • Successfully obtaining proper certification and licensure when necessary
Example of a Salon/Spa/Fitness Resume Skills Section

If you’re going to have a long list, put it together in a column/table format. A long list is at least eight to 10 entries. Start your salon/spa/fitness resume skills section with hard skills and work into soft skills, putting the list in order of pertinence. Keep the list formatted neatly (12 entries = three or four columns; 10 entries = two columns, etc.). The example we’re using is for a physical trainer in a fitness center.PHYSICAL TRAINER SKILLSMINDBODY amSTATZ TotalCoachingMy PT HubWrike Project ManagementNegotiation & SettlementAssess client needsPhysiology / AnatomyFitness assessmentProject managementGroup motivationTreatment planningFirst Aid / CPR


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