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How to Write a Transportation Resume Education Section

The biggest reason to learn how to write a transportation resume education section is that it shows employers how much academic training you have in your field. While a work experience section is the focus for most transportation resumes, those applying for a managerial position in the field of transportation must demonstrate a high level of academic knowledge. An education section separates you from other transportation job candidates and helps fill in any gaps that may exist in your work history.

What to Include in a Transportation Resume Education Section

The first thing to include is a reverse-chronological listing of your most relevant degrees, whether they are directly related to transportation or not, but lead with the most recent and relevant. If you only attended college for a year or two without completing a degree in transportation, include this educational experience in your resume with a listing of any relevant courses and an expected graduation date if you plan on finishing. If you are a mature job candidate or have been away from school and working as a professional in the transportation industry for some time, do not include your GPA or graduation date when listing your degrees. Include any driving and safety certifications or training experiences that you feel are relevant to the job as long as there are not enough to warrant placement in a designated certifications and training section. Skip any high school or GED information unless it’s the only academic background you have.

How to Format a Transportation Resume Education Section

Learning how to write a transportation resume education section requires a proper understanding of formatting, especially considering that most hiring managers only scan a transportation resume for six seconds. Lead your education section with the most relevant information and branch out into the specific coursework and information that supports you as a transportation job candidate. Begin by listing your degree name, such as Associate of Science in Transportation Studies, and then include your school’s name and location. Use the following lines of each education entry to discuss any specific coursework that makes you more valuable as a candidate for a particular job and academic honors and certifications you received from the institution. Place this section after your work experience unless you’re a recent graduate or lack a sufficient job history.

Example of a Transportation Resume Education Section

Use this example of how to write a transportation resume education section when writing your own.Master of Science in Transportation Management, Gray Mountain University, Oakland, CaliforniaSumma cum laude, Transportation Safety Committee ChairCourses: Advanced Transportation Theory, Transportation Safety, Legality of Transportation ManagementBachelor of Science in Transportation, Oakland University, Oakland, CaliforniaMagna cum laude, Student Honor SocietyCourses: Transportation Management, Transportation Law Associate of Science, Oakland Community College, Oakland, CaliforniaGraduated with Honors, Student Transportation Honor SocietyCourses and Certifications: Introduction to Transportation, Driving Safety Practices


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