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How to Write a Transportation Resume Honors and Awards Section

While it’s not always used on a resume, the honors and awards section has the potential to entice employers to give you the attention you deserve. As a transportation professional, you want to have a resume that will outshine the competition, using the best accomplishments from your career. As you learn how to write a transportation resume honors and awards section, you can see if it is going to be right for you. This section will tell employers that you are a favorable candidate for the job you are seeking because you go over and above what you need to do to excel in your work, school, and community.

Should You Include a Transportation Resume Honors and Awards Section

There is a simple way to tell if a transportation resume honors and awards section is going to be for you or not. If you have three or more awards or honors to discuss, add this section so that it will be impossible to miss. When you only have one award to mention, there is no need to make a separate space for it. Instead, those can go with the job it pertains to in the experience section.You should only include this part of your resume if you have enough relevant awards to make it worthwhile. If you have won academic, work-related, or community-based honors, this section will be the perfect place to showcase them. For instance, if you improved efficiency by implementing new routes, won employee of the month awards, and supervise a team, you have the perfect items to list in this section.

How to Format a Transportation Resume Honors and Awards Section

Your transportation resume honors and awards section will be able to show off the achievements and awards most closely associated with your career when it’s placed above the experience section. It is important to put the name of the award that you have won on your resume along with who awarded it to you. The date is also a very important piece of information that you need to add. Any metric information is also important to add if you have it.Place each item on its own line with a bullet point instead of in paragraph form. When hiring mangers glance at your awards, you want them to see your most important ones quickly.

Example of a Transportation Resume Honors and Awards Section
  • Awarded Safe Driving Award of Excellence from BBL Enterprises in 2015
  • Consistently won Driver of the Month from BBL Enterprises for several months in 2014 and 2015
  • Dean’s List at Jefferson University from 2009 to 2012
  • Improved route times by 16 percent in 2015


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