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How to Write a Transportation Resume Skills Section

When you learn how to write a transportation resume skills section, you will see how it can be a meaningful addition to your resume as long as you have specific skills to show off to hiring managers. This section is not for everyone, and it should only include the most pertinent information related to the job you are applying for. You want to intrigue hiring managers so that they will want to interview you to learn more about where you excel and what you can bring to their company.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Transportation Resume

A transportation resume skills section is a great place to detail your most relevant competencies and show your employers exactly what you have to offer. If they believe that you can enhance their company, you will be much more likely to get the job. Keep in mind that this section should only be created if you have specific skills that are directly related to the position you are seeking. You might show that you can directly investigate and resolve customer complaints common in the transportation industry or that you are able to foster strong relationships with customers and partners to bolster brand awareness. There are many innovative ways to show off your special skills in this section to improve your chances of getting hired, but it’s important to honest and as descriptive as possible.

What to Include in a Transportation Resume Skills Section

It is important to highlight job-related soft skills and knowledge of specific tasks that will help you to outshine the competition. This is a great opportunity to pack in key industry words that stand out to transportation managers. Use short phrases without periods, and be sure to include at least three or four items, but Don’t go over eight per column. Don’t include any personal information or experience exclusive to other industries. Focus on transferable skills that will go with you from job to job. Top Five Skills for the Transportation Industry

  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to coach and mentor others
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management skills
Example of a Transportation Resume Skills Section
  • Dispatching, tracking and routing transportation vehicles
  • Able to breakdown detailed notions into understandable ideas in written and verbal communication
  • Knowledge of transportation policies, regulations and safety rules
  • Recruiting, onboarding, training and candidate selection
  • Solid leadership and coaching methods
  • Excellent time management
  • Performance appraisals


When you learn how to write a transportation resume skills section, you improve your chances of getting an interview. Use MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to create a superb resume that will give you an advantage over other applicants.