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How to Write a Transportation Resume Work Experience Section

The work experience section lets hiring personnel know if you’ve received the vital on-the-job training so often sought in the professional world. If you have relevant work experience that could help you to land that transportation job, then you should know how to write a transportation resume work experience section to clearly and effectively convey the information.

What to Include in a Transportation Resume Work Experience Section

When practicing how to write a transportation resume work experience section, include any work experience you’ve had that pertains to the job you want. This can include paid work, volunteer work, and internships. The rule of thumb is to include your work experience up to 15 or 20 years ago, because including anything more takes up valuable space. Emphasize what you accomplished during each position, rather than just the duties you had. For instance, instead of just stating your duties as a truck driver, you might also include the number of successful deliveries you’ve had or any recognition or praise you’ve received from a past employer. Metric data should also be used whenever possible.

How to Format a Transportation Resume Work Experience Section

Start the work experience section with your most recent position. From there, you should list your jobs in reverse chronological order. Put your first job title on the top line, followed by the company name, city and state, and the dates you worked there, using month and year or just year format. You should then include a bullet list of duties and accomplishments at your past job, with an emphasis on accomplishments.You should have between five and eight bullets for each job, making sure that your current duties use present tense and all past duties use past tense verbs. Each bullet should start with an active verb, and you should never being with “responsible for.” This makes the section intriguing and easy to read.

Example of a Transportation Resume Work Experience Section

Logististics Manager-XYZ Logistics Inc., Hershey, PA-January 2007 to May 2015

  • Worked with multiple customers simultaneously.
  • Reduced missing and stolen loads and stock. Reduced losses by 35% over a two-year period.
  • Conducted grievance and disciplinary investigations, followed by taking necessary actions to address problems.
  • Implemented measures to increase customer satisfaction by 50%.
  • Met with key clients to identify key needs and strengthen relationships.
  • Conducted investigations into missing loads and stock.


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