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How to Write a Warehouse & Production Resume Education Section

One section of a resume that can make yours stand out a little more is the education section. A warehouse & production resume education section can include any education you have such as a high school diploma, a certificate from a vocational school or a college degree. Hiring managers reading over the education section care as much about your activities and honors as they do about where you went to school or any degrees you obtained.

What to Include in a Warehouse & Production Resume Education Section

In this section, list any academic diplomas you have, but only include high school information if it’s the only education you’ve completed. You can include your grade point average if you’re a recent graduate and a short list of classes you took that are related to the job. Focus more on organizations you took part in and the activities you did. For example, helping with school productions and being on the debate team show that you can lift heavy objects and work well as part of a team. You’ll also want to list any foreign language skills you have and any experience you have using tools, driving heavy equipment, scheduling or doing other similar activities that relate to warehouse and production jobs.

How to Format a Warehouse & Production Resume Education Section

The best place for an education section is usually at the bottom, but recent graduates may prefer to put the education section at the top before listing the limited work experience they have. Put your diploma or degree type and completion date (or expected graduation date) in the first line and the school’s name, its city and its state in the next line. Follow with a bulleted list to write more about your activities, clubs, courses, special training, licenses and anything else relevant that you think will help you get the job. List all entries in reverse chronological order. If you have many industry-related certifications, you can make a separate resume section for those instead of listing them with your education.

When writing your warehouse & production resume education section, make it follow the same outline as the one below.

Example of a Warehouse & Production Resume Education Section:

Associate of Science in Warehouse Management
Mill City Community College-Mill City, PA

  • Certified Forklift Operator, 2010
  • Assisted the drama team and theater department with the transportation of heavy products and equipment on and off stage
  • Member of the chess club, debate team, computer club and baseball team
  • Homecoming Float Organizer and Coordinator
  • Conversational Spanish speaker


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