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How to Write a Warehouse & Production Resume Work Experience Section

A well-drafted resume contains a section describing previous work experience similar to the duties and responsibilities of the job for which you are applying. This is an important section because it provides a concise, easy-to-read window into your past accomplishments and achievements. The hiring manager will make your warehouse & production resume work experience section resume one of the first places he or she reads, so making the most of this area by following formatting and inclusion rules is a must.

What to Include in a Warehouse & Production Resume Work Experience Section

Although the company considering you for employment is interested in your abilities, you’ll make a much better impression if you focus on your accomplishments rather than a simple outlining of past job duties. In the warehouse and production industry, for example, effectiveness in the work setting depends on the ability to manage a team properly, meet deadlines, keep accurate inventory counts, and eliminate unnecessary overhead costs. Therefore, your experience section should include a sentence or two about each of the past employers you list, focusing on how you benefited the company rather than what work you performed on a daily basis, using metric data whenever possible.Don’t go far back into the past, either. Listing employers you worked for a more than 15 or 20 years ago is a waste of valuable resume space, unless this was your only employer. Use industry-appropriate terminology to let the hiring manager know your familiarity with the various responsibilities you had.

How to Format a Warehouse & Production Resume Work Experience Section

One of the most visually appealing ways to organize your warehouse & production resume work experience section is to start with a bold headline stating your most recent job position title. This can be followed on the same line by the company name, city and state, and the dates you were employed, using month and year or just year format. Below all of this is a series of five to eight bullet points (not paragraphs) that concisely outline your accomplishments and achievements, each point beginning with an action phrase and never “responsible for.” This creates engaging and easy-to-read content for the reader.The first job listed should be your most recent employment. From there, you can go backwards chronologically. All present duties should be written in present tense, and all past duties should be in past tense.

Example of a Warehouse & Production Resume Work Experience Section

Shipping Manager-Beltran Composites – Fresno, CA-August 2012 to Current

  • Managed team of warehouse floor personnel.
  • Organized shipping schedules.
  • Increased production efficiency through advanced inventory program.
  • Successfully created new outbound freight loading program.


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