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How to Write a Warehouse & Production Resume Objective

The resume objective has long been a staple in the job hunting world. However, since trends come and go, preferred resume styles do change. Experts largely agree that the resume objective is a thing of the past and that the resume summary statement is now more desirable. A resume summary statement neatly sums up your qualifications for the job at a glance. This means that knowing how to write a warehouse & production resume objective is no longer necessary.

How You Used to Write a Warehouse & Production Resume Objective

When learning how to write a warehouse & production resume objective, you would learn that it basically stated what you wanted from the company. These can still be useful for those switching industries, seeking a promotion, or applying for an entry-level position. It may have included the kind of work you were seeking, the direction your career was going to take, and what other benefits you wanted out of a job, things that your employer already knows. Check out these warehouse & production resume objective samples:
Example of a Warehouse & Production Resume Objective:
  • To obtain a warehouse manager position with an established logistics company that allows me to use my ten years of experience in warehouse management.
  • To find a job as a forklift operator where my warehouse experience and strong work ethic will be useful.

How to Write a Warehouse & Production Resume Summary Statement

The problem with a resume objective is that the focus is on what you want from the company and not on what you can offer them. In contrast, a resume summary statement is akin to a 30-second elevator pitch that you’re making to the hiring managers who read it. It emphasizes your key selling points, which makes it more useful when you want to stand out to employers. When writing your statement, here are some tips to remember:
  • Mention a few major skill sets and valuable personality traits or soft skills that are relevant to the job you want.
  • Include an overview of your career and experience.
  • Be concise. You want to describe your best qualifications in four to six sentences (sentence fragments are okay to include) in paragraph form.
  • Avoid talking in first person. “Craig can lift up to 50 pounds” is better than “Can lift up to 50 pounds.” Take a look at this resume summary to see how it differs from the objective above:
  • Motivated warehouse manager with 15 years of experience in all levels of warehouse processes. Strive to improve employee performance while retaining high quality. Dedicated to improving client services with an eye on the company’s budget. Managed a 20-person team, reduced employee turnover by 2.3 percent, and increased annual savings by 4 percent.


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