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How to Write a Warehouse & Production Resume Skills Section

As you begin writing your warehouse & production resume skills section, you will see that it is the area where you can put in industry-specific details about your skillset. Not everyone uses this section in a resume, but it can be beneficial if you want to highlight skills that are directly related to warehousing or production. If you want to gain an edge over your competitions, you need to first think about the specific traits that hiring managers look for.

Should You Include a Warehouse & Production Resume Skills Section

The resume skills section can be a place to elaborate on your soft skills or relevant tasks that you have the most experience with. As a warehouse professional, you can highlight your general work ethic or prior job duties. The skills section is where you can discuss this in more detail by adding that you are physically dexterous and able to lift objects that weight over 50 pounds, safely load trucks, and stand on your feet for 12-hour shifts. This is the perfect spot to show your employers what makes you stand out from others who are in the same line of work as you.

What to Include in a Warehouse & Production Resume Skills Section

As you begin to write a warehouse & production resume skills section, you can add concrete examples of the skills that you have to offer. Think about the traits and skills that you have and turn them into keywords that hiring managers may be looking for when they glance over your resume. You want to include detailed descriptions that will help employers get a feel for what you excel at. However, be sure to only use relevant information, short phrases without periods and three to eight items per column. Instead of simply restating duties from your job history, tell employers what particular skills helped you accomplish those tasks more efficiently than the average warehouse employee.
Top Five Skills Important to the Warehouse & Production Industry

  • Physically dexterous: State how much weight can comfortably carry and that you are able to stand on your feet for long periods of time.
  • Mathematical skills: Explain how you use statistics, algebra or geometry to solve problems on the job. it’s also a good idea to include any knowledge you may have with budgeting or cost estimation.
  • Safety conscious: State any working knowledge of OSHA or other regulatory standards.
  • Strong leadership skills: Describe your methods and strategies for managing others and appraising performance.
  • Customer service skills: Describe how your specific actions directly affect the end user and the company’s bottom line.
Example of a Warehouse & Production Resume Skills Section
  • Physical agility and strategic organization geared towards loading and unloading trucks
  • Able to lift and carry over 50 pounds
  • Tech-savvy and comfortable with electronic records, warehouse management system software and log generation
  • Trained to safely and efficiently operate pallet jacks and forklifts


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