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How to Write a Warehouse & Production Resume Summary Statement

For a long time, resumes began with a resume objective, which only succeeded in telling employers something they already knew: you wanted a job. Your resume will attract immediate attention if it begins with a carefully prepared summary statement instead. This sales pitch-like statement serves to let the prospective employer know your skill level, your experience in one or more warehouse and production environment categories, and what you offer in terms of value to the company for which you are applying. Your warehouse & production resume summary is preferred over the outdated objective section because it brings immediate attention to your abilities, something a warehouse manager wants to know about right away.

What to Include in a Warehouse & Production Resume Summary Statement

The warehousing industry can’t be described in just a few sentences, and you can’t impress the reader of your resume if you speak in general terms. Therefore, it is extremely important to include specific knowledge of the industry in your summary statement. For example, if you have experience in a certain aspect of warehouse operations, these should certainly be highlighted. Specific job experience could include the following:

  • Quality control
  • Inventory and bar code tagging
  • Bills of lading and shipping labels
  • Machinery and vehicle operation

Remember that your statement should reflect not only your past experience but also your ability to take on new tasks. This is especially important if you are seeking a new position in a different niche of the industry. Your summary will be different from everyone else’s, so focus on what your unique experience and qualities can bring to the company, such as certifications or licenses.

How to Format a Warehouse & Production Resume Summary Statement

The summary statement doesn’t have to contain sentences that go into extensive details about your work experience and talent levels. In fact, this section should only be between four and six lines long. In paragraph form, write short sentence fragments that include specific industry skills, such as targeted managerial skills, personality traits, and experience. The trick is to arrange these sentences in a particular order that makes for easy reading.

Tips for Writing a Warehouse & Production Resume Summary Statement

As you prepare your summary statement, keep in mind that this is the first thing the employer will read, so getting straight to the point is critical. For the warehousing industry, you will want to follow these tips:

  • Mention any valuable physical abilities, such as the amount of weight you can lift or any heavy machinery you are physically able to maneuver.
  • Include experience in any machinery you might be operating.
  • Highlight major past achievements and promotions in the industry.
  • Include any key skills, such as organizational skills and team member approach.
Example of a Warehouse & Production Resume Summary Statement

Plastic recycling technician with five years of experience in plastic film baling and shipping. Experienced in RF inventory procedures, loading and unloading product with forklift and clamps, and preparing containers for shipment. Strong team management abilities with an emphasis on production scheduling and work deadlines. Self-starter with the ability to construct flexible work programs. Seeking a mid-management warehouse position with a plastics, paper, and wood recycling firm.


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