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How to Include Professional References in a Wellness Resume

All smart workers have a group of people they consider their professional references. Trusted coworkers and respected advisors know your work ethic and are more than happy to speak with a hiring company on your behalf during an interview process. While valuable, it is actually against current resume standards to list references in a wellness resume unless the company you’re applying to requests them.

When Should You Include Professional References in a Wellness Resume

Although other resume sections may have complex rules regarding what is and isn’t acceptable, references are very straightforward regarding inclusion. If the hiring company specifically asks for references, you need to have this section. If you’ve worked with a legend in the industry that will secure you an interview, it’s to your benefit to include this section. Apart from these two situations, do not include this information.

How to Include Professional References in a Wellness Resume

When you add references in a wellness resume, there are only a few select rules you need to follow. The first and most important is that it has to be the very last section at the very bottom of the page or placed on a separate page. Do not write “References Available Upon Request.” The second is that you need to include the reference’s information. Most people do this in a list form, like in the example below.

Example of Professional References in a Wellness Resume

John StephensOccupational TherapistFirst Care Response45 E. Claybourne Rd.New York, NY 10009Phone: (212) 801-4500Email: johnstephens@fcr.com Tips for Providing Professional References to a Hiring Manager

  • It’s okay to use different references for different resumes. Just as you change your resume to suit the various jobs you are applying for, you need to choose your references strategically so they match your varying goals.
  • Don’t assume the personal information you have on your references is correct. Instead, ask references for their information directly. This will guarantee that you receive the most up-to-date contact information with the numbers and emails your references want you to use.
  • Keep your references updated about the hiring process. There’s a likely chance companies won’t reach out to these references at all. By updating them, you let them know when they can relax and cross this small bit of stress from their lives.
  • Always have more than five people in mind to use as references. Just because you know someone very well through work doesn’t mean that the person will have the time to act as a reference. Have some backups in case a few of your top picks decline.
  • Approach those who are directly related to the positions you are applying for. If, for instance, you are aiming to become an occupational therapist, then assistants, developmental therapists and even physical therapists are great choices as they can speak to your capabilities in that specific field.


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