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How to Write a Wellness Resume Education Section

The wellness industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, yet learning how to write a wellness resume education is still essential to landing the job you want. Your education section shows employers where you attended college, how much training you possess and what additional academic experiences you have that may separate you from other job candidates. Whether you are applying for a job in a wellness spa or as a personal wellness consultant, your education section is necessary to distinguish yourself as a candidate and demonstrate your professional knowledge.

What to Include in a Wellness Resume Education Section

Learning how to write a wellness resume education section begins with knowing what information to include. You should never mention your GPA or graduation date if you have been out of school for a while, as this information tends to work against more mature job candidates. Exclude high school or GED information unless you have no other academic experience. Besides your degrees, mention any honors and achievements you received, whether after graduating from a wellness program or pursuing a specific certification, as this information shows employers that you went beyond the basic requirements of your chosen program. If you have numerous certifications and training experiences, it is best to create a separate section for these.

How to Format a Wellness Resume Education Section

Formatting is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to writing this section, especially since most employers only scan a resume for a matter of seconds before making a hiring decision. For this reason, you should always lead with your most recent wellness degree and follow it by listing the others in reverse chronological order. Begin with the name of your degree, such as Master of Science in Wellness, and then list the institution information, followed by any honors you received and specific wellness classes you took to showcase specific knowledge other candidates may not have. If your degree is unfinished, list it anyway with your expected date of completion. Place this section after work experience unless you graduated recently or have little work history.

Example of a Wellness Resume Education Section

Consider this example of how to format a wellness resume education section when creating your own. Master of Science in Wellness, Pepperdine University, Pepperdine, California Magna cum laude, Student Wellness Committee, Director of the Student Wellness Initiative Courses: Wellness Theory and Techniques, Integrating Wellness in the Community Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, California University, San Diego, California Summa cum laude, Student Wellness Committee, Student Wellness Center Trainer Courses: Psychology of Wellness, Managing Health in Group Settings Associate in Science, California University, San Diego, California Cum laude, Student Fitness Guide, Academic Tutor in Wellness Department Courses: Theory of Wellness, Massage and Therapy Techniques, Personal Training and Nutrition


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