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How to Write a Wellness Resume Honors and Awards Section

While knowing how to write a wellness honors and awards section isn’t always required when creating a resume, making one could prove useful if you have wellness industry-related achievements that could make you a stronger job candidate. Hiring managers are always looking for the best of the best to recruit to their teams, so listing your honors and awards could work in your favor. Including this section will also give you a chance to talk about what you achieved to earn the award, therefore making you an even more attractive potential employee.

Should You Include a Wellness Resume Honors and Awards Section

If you have multiple honors and awards related to your industry, then the answer is yes. You should have at least three items to warrant making a separate section, and it should be things that are relevant to the industry you are entering. For example, if you’re a manager at a health and nutrition shop and you’ve earned recognition from your job and from a local chapter of a wellness organization, then you could use this section to talk about your achievements. Any metric data, major promotions, supervisory experience, awards, and other similar items are great to include. If you only have one or two items, these can be placed with the job they pertain to in the experience section.

How to Format a Wellness Resume Honors and Awards Section

Insert your wellness resume honors and awards section before the experience section so that you can highlight your achievements by putting them higher up on your resume. Talk about the specific achievements that lead to you receiving the award (ex. upsold $30,000 in nutrition products to customers in one year). Include organization or company names, dates and any other important information. List your awards with bullet points instead of using paragraph form. Only include awards that would make you a more attractive candidate for the job you’re applying to. Remember, your resume is the marketing tool used to sell your best assets to hiring decision makers. Keep it focused.

Example of a Wellness Resume Honors and Awards Section
  • Boost Award for Best Health Shop Manager. Implemented innovative new health shop management techniques that resulted in increased employee satisfaction and 40% more sales than the previous year. (2009)
  • Wellness Industry Award. Implemented innovative new health shop management techniques. (2009)
  • Employee of the Year Award. Reduced employee turnover by 60% and earned positive customer feedback throughout the year. (2011)
  • Employee of the Year Award. Implemented measures to improve customer service and employee satisfaction. (2013)


Including an honors and awards section can give your wellness resume the competitive edge you need. If you found this information on how to write a wellness resume honors and awards section helpful, then try MyPerfectResume’s resume builder to create a standout, professional resume in minutes.