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How to Write a Wellness Resume Objective

A wellness resume objective is one of the first pieces of content found on a resume and sits just below your name and address at the top of the page. This is typically a one to two-sentence section that may include first person pronouns and describes your professional goals and the type of job that you desire. Though you can customize this section for each job, it’s generally viewed as an outdated trend in the modern world. Hiring managers would prefer you use a summary statement as opposed to an objective, which gives them specific facts about your work history.

How You Used to Write a Wellness Resume Objective

A wellness resume objective like those used in the past often included some of the keywords found in the job description and a short description of what type of job you wanted. This gave employers and managers an idea of exactly what you were looking for and why you wanted the job. This method can still be useful for entry-level applicants, promotion-seekers and industry-jumpers. Some examples of a wellness resume objective that works well in this industry include:

  • Seeking a position in a health spa that makes use of my past experience as a massage therapist, my customer service expertise and my interest in helping clients feel their best.
  • Searching for a dietitian job in a highly rated institution that has job stability and uses my knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition.

How to Write a Wellness Resume Summary Statement

A wellness resume summary statement is different from an objective because it focuses more on the data you included in each section of your resume. A summary statement offers a brief overview of your career, including whether you went through any training, if you have certification in the wellness field and some of the skills you developed that will help you when working with clients. A summary statement shouldn’t include first person pronouns, but each sentence should start with an active verb; sentence fragments are all right to include. It should be written in paragraph form, but should stay between four and six lines long, including major skill sets and valuable personality traits, too. Take a look at the example below.

Example of a Wellness Resume Objective

Certified dietitian skilled in the education of adults and children with a license to practice in California. Six years of experience working with both children and adults, including those who are obese or overweight and those who want to get in shape quickly. Committed to helping clients improve their overall general health through the creation and implementation of new diet and exercise programs.


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