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How to Write a Wellness Resume Skills Section

Incorporating a wellness resume skills section is a great way to let potential hiring mangers know what you excel at and how qualified you are for the position. This section is not mandatory and should only be included if your skills and tasks are relevant to the health and wellness industry. A skills section can be short, but it should also be as detailed and focused as possible.

Should You Include a Skills Section in Your Wellness Resume

As you’re deciding whether or not to include a separate skills section to your resume, try to think of specific tasks you completed in the past. If you are great at coming up with wellness activities, interacting with patients, analyzing charts or observing behavior, you probably could benefit from having a wellness resume skills section. If you have specific talents that can help the company or its clients, you should convey those to potential employers. You can use this space on your resume to add industry-specific keywords that will show hiring managers that you have the traits they are looking for in an employee.

What to Include in a Wellness Resume Skills Section

The goal of writing a designated skills section is to highlight skills that set you apart from other applicants. You can do this with short target phrases that are specific to your industry and that give hiring managers a reason to read more. These can be personality traits, soft skills or specific tasks that wouldn’t go elsewhere on your resume. You might state that you know how to operate specific computer programs or that you are able to connect with people in a nurturing kind of way. Instead of simply restating your previous job duties, use your wellness resume skills section to focus on detailed skills that are tailored to fit the job you want. The Top Five Skills in the Wellness Industry

  • Deductive reasoning
  • Strong communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to coach and develop others
  • Establishing interpersonal relationship
Example of a Wellness Resume Skills Section

Hotel manager with strengths in customer service, leadership, and financial management. Safety-conscious with the ability to stay calm under pressure. Understands strategy and able to motivate staff members. Communicates well with great interpersonal skills. 20 years of experience in hotel and hospitality.

Example of a Wellness Resume Skills Section

  • Wellness program development, including biking, walking and running
  • Highly motivated to help others reach their health goals
  • Observant and sensitive to clients’ needs
  • High quality customer service
  • Effective leadership methods with a focus on time management
  • Knowledge of anatomy, nutrition and holistic wellness


As you learn how to write a wellness resume skills section, hone in on those skills that wellness managers are interested in. Try out MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder to come up with an attractive and professional resume in just minutes. When you have a lot of competition for the job you want, a well-written resume can be the ticket you need to move on to the next state of the hiring process.