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How to Write a Wellness Resume Summary

The summary statement of a resume is your 30-second elevator pitch to potential employers that takes the place of the obsolete resume objective, which only told employers that you wanted a job. The summary neatly sums up your qualifications for the job you’re applying to, and it’s especially helpful if you have years of experience that you would like to unite under one theme or if you want to tie together your work experience while emphasizing your transferable skills.

What to Include in a Wellness Resume Summary Statement

When considering how to write a wellness resume summary statement, bear in mind that it should include your strongest selling points as a job candidate. Every summary statement will vary according to experience, education, and other factors. However, consider including the following:

  • Specific work achievements (e.g., has successfully introduced workplace wellness programs to 23 different organizations in three years)
  • Two to three major skill sets
  • Your program of study and/or any valuable personality traits or soft skills
  • Any honors or awards relevant to the job
  • Strongest personality traits that are valued in the wellness industry

How to Format a Wellness Resume Summary Statement

The wellness resume summary should be placed at the top of your resume, below your name and any contact information. It should follow the template of the rest of your resume, and it should include four to six lines of text, which you should always put in paragraph form. Be sure to remove all personal pronouns from the text, and Don’t worry about how it reads. Sentence fragments are acceptable here.

Tips for Writing a Wellness Resume Summary Statement

Before you start writing, take a look at these tips to get your creativity going:

  • Think about your strengths as a candidate. What talents and skills do you enjoy using? What issues and topics are you passionate about? What would you want to read if you were the hiring decision maker?
  • Consider values that are important in the wellness industry. For example, a commitment to personal healthy nutrition and the ability to listen to customer needs would be attractive if you were applying to a nutritionist role
  • Write out your resume summary, and refine it as much as possible. Think of your most valuable selling points, and condense them into those four to six sentences.
Example of a Wellness Resume Summary Statement

A highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic personal trainer with eight years of experience helping people achieve their fitness goals. Possessing a successful history of evaluating a client’s level of fitness, understanding personal needs, and working cooperatively to develop a challenging yet achievable workout routine that will enable them to reach their targets. Motivated to deliver great client service, and successfully registered over 220 new gym members over the past 12 months.


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