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How to Write a Wellness Resume Work Experience Section

Regardless of how many sections you include on your resume, one of the most important is the work experience section. This section goes into great detail about what you did on the job, how you helped co-workers and employers, and the accomplishments that you gained throughout your career. The information you provide in a wellness resume work experience section often spells the difference between you getting an interview and you continuing your hunt for a new job.

What to Include in a Wellness Resume Work Experience Section

If you find yourself simply listing all the job responsibilities you held and duties you did in this section, it’s time to take a step back and rethink your resume. Employers place a high level of importance on accomplishments. Some accomplishments you might use include the average number of clients you worked with daily, any implementation of time or money saving programs, successes you are proud of in regard to clients, including improved health or weight loss, and certifications you gained while on the job. If you have employment older than 15 or 20 years, leave it off unless it’s the only company you’ve worked for or it is relevant to a new industry you want to move into. Otherwise, keeping it takes up valuable space.

How to Format a Wellness Resume Work Experience Section

Your wellness resume work experience section should start with your most recent employment and go backwards chronologically from there. The first line is one of the most important aspects of this section. It should include your job title, the company name and location (city and state), and the years you worked, using year or month and year format. Be consistent for each job you list.Below the top line, you can use between five and eight bullet points to give the reader more specific information about that job, including metric data whenever possible and making sure that all present duties are written in present tense and that all past duties are written in past tense. Each bullet should begin with a strong active verb instead of any phrases like “responsible for,” and contain a mix of duties and accomplishments.

Example of a Wellness Resume Work Experience Section
  • Wellness Coach-California Wellness Institute, Santa Barbara, CA-June 2012 to January 2016
  • Obtained wellness coaching certification from a leading national institution.
  • Performed up to 20 tests and assessments daily to identify the issues and medical conditions plaguing clients.
  • Implemented a new database system that increased office productivity by 14 percent.
  • Taught approximately six to eight classes on health and wellness weekly.
  • Offered private classes and sessions to more than 100 clients.


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