10 Tips to Get Your Resume Through an Applicant Tracking System

In 2016, large companies often shuttle resume submissions directly into an Applicant Tracking System.  Confused? This is a databases that allow  employers to conduct targeted keyword searches to identify the best matches and ignore the rest. Sometimes even the keywords used in these searches are automated. Your resume will need to survive the Applicant Tracking […]

What to Expect at Your First Full-Time Job

Before you begin your first full-time job, you must understand the fundamentals of four key workplace institutions: retirement plans, health insurance benefits, income tax reporting, and union membership.

5 Ways College Grads Ruin Cover Letters

College grads are often underprepared for the job search, and cover letter mistakes like these are far too common. Do you know to avoid these?

6 Best Answers to “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

During your interview, you’ll be asked “why did you leave your last job?” With proper preparation, you can wow your interviewer (no matter what happened).

How to Avoid Toxic Workplace Drama

Social conflict is a nearly universal aspect of working life. Follow these five steps to help you navigate the currents when workplace drama gets rough.

Key Features of Every Successful Cover Letter

Follow these simple rules to draft a winning cover letter and to score the interview you deserve

Update Your Resume in 5 Easy Steps

The fall is a time for growth, renewal, and revision. It’s time to update your resume to reflect your current accomplishments and goals.

5 Great Reasons to Find a New Job This Year

This year is the perfect year to start your search for a new job. Here are 5 reasons to make a change.

This New Cover Letter Tip Can Get You Hired

You need a modern cover letter tip to stand apart from the crowd.Just follow this one piece of advice, and you’ll notice the difference.

Halloween: Is Your Job Interview in a Haunted House?

Sometimes the circumstances of your interview can be downright creepy. This Halloween, don’t accept a job offer from a haunted house.


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