Celebrate Job Action Day with MyPerfectResume!

Celebrate Job Action Day with MyPerfectResume
We’ll be celebrating Job Action Day 2015 on November 2 along with countless workers, job seekers, career experts, employers and more, and we want you to get involved too!The annual day calls on the movers and shakers in the career space to come together to share the lessons they’ve learned around a specific theme in hopes that their insight can benefit anyone looking to move forward in the working world.This year’s theme is ‘Act II: Finding Career Satisfaction After 50’, and in honor, we’ll be putting together a post that baby boomers and beyond can use to get more out of their daily grind or their job search.So, how can you be part of the mix?
  1. If you’re a worker or jobseeker who’s over 50 (or knows anyone in the working world over 50), bookmark 2 November and check our blog as well as the Job Action Day website on the day. You’ll find countless resources from the who’s who of the industry, articles that provide tried-and-tested tips, and more.
  2. If you’re an industry expert, career blogger, or career services website owner who wants to join the fray, check out Job Action Day’s info on how you can join the movement (and join us in supporting workers and jobseekers).
Job Action Day began in 2008, when a leading career site called Quintcareers.com starting encouraging bloggers and workplace experts to share their stories, advice, and guidelines on a specific day in November. The day was a hit, and as the movement took off, a growing number of job seekers, ambitious workers, and professional career counselors began chiming in. Eventually employers got involved as well, and now the day—typically the first Monday in November– has become a trusted resource, a celebration, an opportunity to share personal stories, and an open exchange of the resources and tools that can help workers and employers thrive.—Tune in for our contribution to this year’s Job Action Day theme, and meanwhile, find other resources and tools that you can use to help you in your job search or career development on MyPerfectResume.