4 Signs that You’re In a Toxic Relationship With Your Boss

You don’t love going into work every morning. This much is clear. But you can’t shake the feeling that your dissatisfaction with your job is somehow your own fault, and that if you just tried harder, worked longer hours, or displayed a more positive attitude, your boss would be happier with your work. And if you could just win your boss’s approval, then success and fulfillment would finally be yours. Meanwhile, none of these things are happening. And with every year that goes by, you’re still struggling, you’re a year older, and you’re still here.Chances are, there’s nothing wrong with you at all. But you’re stuck, and you have a very serious problem on your hands: you may be in a toxic relationship with your employer. And like any bad relationship, things won’t get better until you find a way to break out and move on. Can you answer yes to any of the questions below? If so, it’s time to get some help.1. Praise is non-existent, but criticism grows on trees.  When you do something right, nothing happens. But when you make a mistake, suggest a less-than-perfect idea, take a chance and fail, or need to be told something twice, the world comes to an end. The criticism you receive is extremely detailed and sometimes delivered at a high volume. When you complain, you’re told that you “don’t take criticism well”—another criticism. There’s no way out. When the avalanche of criticism comes, you just have to endure it.  (And if you don’t smile and take eager notes during the process, that’s another demerit.)2. You’re underpaid…but there’s always a good reason.Your salary is at or below industry averages, but when you mention this to your boss, there’s always a very good reason why you can’t be paid more. The recession caused profits to contract, the new product isn’t selling well, your salary research isn’t accurate, there are too many other people out there who can provide the same skills, you made that one mistake last month so you don’t deserve a raise, you shouldn’t act so entitled, etc. The reasons will keep coming until you finally stop asking. Or find another job.3. You can’t be promoted…for the same list of excellent reasons.It’s just not the right time. Or your boss isn’t convinced that you’re ready. You haven’t proven yourself. You haven’t shown that you “have what it takes”…even though you’ve been here for years and you’ve asked for a promotion at least once before.4. You’re told that you should be grateful to your boss…by your boss.If you’re told that you’re lucky to be working here, as if you have no other options and your job is an act of charity on behalf of your employer, that’s simply not true. No “poor economy” can trap you in a life you don’t want. But as long as you believe this and are too scared to leave, your employers profit at your expense. Your talents and labors are being purchased for less than they’re worth.

You Can Do Better!

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