5 Things to Do If You Love Your Job

If you can tolerate your job, consider yourself lucky. And if you truly enjoy your coworkers and you don’t mind coming into the office every day, you’ve made a few smart decisions at some point in your professional life. But if you actually love your job—as in, head-over-heels true romance—you’ve hit the jackpot, my friend.If just thinking about your job makes you happy, and if you’re churning over the issues of the day as soon as you wake up and just before you fall asleep, then you’ve found something worth holding onto at all costs. A truly remarkable job is one that offers the big three benefits: Personal pride, daily fulfillment, and enough money to make you feel content and compensated. And if you have a job that offers all three, don’t take it for granted. In fact, do the opposite. Start with these five moves.

1. Thank.

Thank everyone around you, all the time. Thank your boss for her oversight, thank your coworkers for their support, thank your direct reports for their hard work and sacrifices, thank your clients and customers, thank your hardworking vendors and contractors, thank the receptionist who forwards your calls, and thank the janitor who keeps the halls clean. Say the words “thank you” at least twenty times every day. Go ahead and count.

2. Don’t apologize for your happiness.

Sometimes, the fastest way to ruin a great situation is to decide that you don’t deserve it. Just because you’re happy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for a raise each year. And it doesn’t mean you should shoulder more than you share of the company’s hardships. Say thank you, but also make sure you’re getting paid (and respected by the company, and promoted when you decide it’s time).

3. Keep the big picture in mind.

You may love your company because they take care of you, and that’s fine. It’s easy to love an employer that provides you with a huge salary, a month-long vacation, and a company gym. But don’t sell your heart or your integrity too cheaply. If this company is doing something wrong, don’t be muzzled and held in check by your golden handcuffs. Speak up and do what’s right—even if it means putting the job you love in jeopardy.

4. Don’t cut corners.

Whenever you have a chance to take advantage of your good luck, fight the urge to do so. Everyone wants a lenient boss who’s easy to get along with…But don’t complete sloppy work because you know your lenient boss won’t care. Your current happiness didn’t just happen by magic—It happened because this company and this system are working, and they’re working for you. Don’t undermine the system by abusing, overusing, or mistreating the things you love about it.

5. Give something back.

If you truly love this place, and you love what it’s done for your emotional, professional and financial life, give something back so that others can benefit the way you have. Train new employees, become a mentor, and share your opinions, praise, recommendations and feedback with those who will use them to better the system.

A Great Job Starts with a Strong Resume

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