Don’t Become a Career Zombie: Your Working Dead Survival Guide

Don’t Become a Career Zombie: Your Working Dead Survival Guide
We live in curious times. Our access to what our ancestors would call the “good life” is unprecedented. With plentiful food, modern medicine, and transportation that can take us across the globe in a single day, you’d think our zest for life would also be off the charts by historical standards. We should be drinking in every minute and living our lives to the fullest, right?And yet, according to a 2013 Gallup poll, 70 percent of Americans hate their jobs or have “checked out” of them. How can you avoid joining this disillusioned throng of working dead and becoming one of these career zombies? How can you maintain control over your own destiny, despite the obstacles in your existential path? Here are a few simple moves that can help you make it through the working world with your soul intact.

The Right Gear

The right gear can save your life if you’re lost in the woods, and a few simple tools can also help you thrive in the workplace. If you’re in an office job, technology can disappear some of those tedious tasks that make the days drag. And if you’re out of the office and on your feet all day, good shoes could be all the difference. Take stock of what your pain points are and then investigate whether there’s a solution that could add some sunshine to the situation.

A Healthy Bod

One of the simplest ways to ward off gloom and work-related depression is by taking good care of your body (and by extension, your mind). No matter what else happens during the day, make time for quality sleep, smart meals, and at least ten or fifteen minutes of exercise every day.

Team Members You Trust

A whopping 40 percent of employees reported loving their company solely because they loved their co-workers, reported a 2015 survey by Virgin Pulse. In other words, a team you trust, can depend on, and enjoy being around can be all the difference. If you truly want to survive, make an effort to find a few friends in your company. You don’t have to be besties with anyone, but having a buddy who you go out to the occasional lunch with or a mate who you can get the daily gossip from can elevate your happiness quotient tremendously.

An Escape Plan

The best way to avoid the half-awake, disengaged zombie shuffle is by staying interested and invested in your job. And to do that, you’ll need to recognize when it’s time for a new job. Take action on your own behalf. If you’ve requested a raise or promotion and you’ve been denied, wake up and get moving. If you know that your career goals extend beyond where this company can take you, wake up and get moving. And by all means, if you really, really, really don’t like going to work every day, stop. Forcing yourself to commit to this routine isn’t adding value to your company, your clients, or your own life.—When you know that a change is necessary, don’t put off the inevitable. Start working on your resume and scoping out your next move. Don’t wait! Fight zombiedom and become the person you want to be, starting today. Visit MyPerfectResume for tools that can help you make your all-important first move.