Get Promoted In 2014: Six Steps

You’ve just completed your final year-end performance evaluation, and the previous year is written, sealed, and in the books. All of your mistakes and victories are now in the past, and it’s time to move forward and tackle the challenges of the year ahead. And for you, the biggest challenge is clear: by this time next year, you will have taken your job and your career to the next level. And you’re prepared to do this even if it means leaving this company and signing on with an employer who can provide you with the growth opportunities you need and deserve. Here are six moves that can turn your goal into a reality.Climb to the Next LevelLooking for that big promotion? Then follow these tips:1. Perform your own self-assessment. Independent of your employer’s evaluation, take a step back and review your core competencies, or the key qualities that make you an asset to any organization you decide to join. What critical talents, credentials, experiences and personality traits do you possess that nobody else can claim?2. Get ready to explain how these talents help your employer make money, and how you’ll generate more revenue and value for the company if you’re handed a higher level of responsibility. Organize your argument into short, clear bullet points, and get ready to back up each point with evidence.3. Learn how to speak the language. Every industry has its own internal jargon, and every individual workplace speaks a unique dialect of this broader language. Which words carry the most power and impact in your workplace culture? Will you achieve a stronger position if you focus on your leadership skills, your empathy, your technical training, or your knowledge of the big picture? Identify the words and arguments that can help you make your case and give your employers whatever they value most.4. Set a timeline. If you expect to achieve the goals established in your review by June, be prepared to formally request your promotion in June. Chart a course. Start assembling the resources you need and checking off each destination on your road map.5. As June approaches, make an appointment with your boss. Choose your moment carefully, and don’t corner or surprise her with your request. Set a date, a time, and a location, and when the day of the meeting arrives, come prepared with evidence and documentation of your achievements.6. Know how you’ll respond if your argument is challenged. If you declare that you’re ready for the next level and your boss disagrees, what will you say? And if your counterarguments are turned away, what will you do next? In most cases, you’ll have two options: you can accept her verdict and ask what you’ll need to do to change her mind, or you can decide to redirect your energies outside of this organization and search for a position elsewhere.Where to Head NextIf your request for a promotion is denied, don’t just slink back to your desk. Make a clear plan, visit MyPerfectResume for tools and guidelines, and start searching for opportunities outside of your current company. Your next position is waiting for you—you just need the courage and commitment to get out there and find it.