Job Search Tips You Can Learn From Your Dog

You dog may not have a job—unless you count her skills as a workout partner or her responsibility for keeping your feet warm while you sit at your desk. But she still has plenty to teach you about how to tackle your busy day, and believe it or not, your dog may actually be a pretty terrific career coach.So it might be a smart idea to tune in and observe how she gets things done. By following her example, you might find a way to take your job search to the next level.1. Work hard, but also play hard.Have you noticed how your dog throws her entire body into the air after a tennis ball and then, ten minutes later, falls into a near comatose state when it’s time for a nap? Dogs do one thing at a time. And they do it really well, with their whole hearts, until it’s time for the next thing. When you’re searching for positions or working on your resume, focus. Don’t cut a single corner. But when it’s time to stop and toss a Frisbee around the yard, let the search go. Make room in your life for job hunting, but keep plenty of room available for everything else.2. Make friends everywhere you go.Dogs are incredibly skilled when it comes to making connections. They’ll walk right up to anyone, and they don’t fear rejection. They just extend a paw, lick a stranger’s face, and make a friend for life. Obviously you should keep your tongue to yourself, but you can still take a page from this play book and watch your web of connections expand.3. Open up.Even fearful, disobedient, surly, and stand-offish dogs have the ability to melt hearts and gain passionate defenders. The reasons are complex and vary from each individual to the next, but most dogs have one thing in common: they let their feelings show. They open up, and they do so with optimism. Dogs see the best in others. They give us a chance to earn their trust, and to prove we’re as great as they think we are. And we love them for it.4. Don’t be afraid to accept help.When was the last time you saw a dog turn away a strip of free bacon? Cats sometimes think carefully about the delicate power balance that’s at stake before they accept an offer, a gift, or a leg up. But dogs don’t. They know that what goes around comes around, and strong relationships are built on a balance of both give and take. Sometimes we value what we can do for others even more than what they can do for us, and dogs know this. They don’t pass up opportunities, they remember those who are kind to them, and as soon as the moment arrives, they pay back the favor.Dogs Don’t Need Resumes, But You Do Your dog will probably never need a resume, but if she did, she would use it to showcase all of the qualities above, plus her big heart, her positive energy, and her willingness to work hard in order to get the things she wants out of life. And she’d probably start drafting her resume using the templates and formatting tools available on MyPerfectResume. She can’t type with those big paws…but lucky for you, you don’t have that problem. Visit the site today and start documenting your finest qualities and proudest credentials.