How to Make a Great Job Last Forever (Or Until You Call It Quits)

You love your job. Or at least, you fully intend to love the job you’re about to launch into as soon as you receive an offer and a start date. The position represents an ideal match for your personality, your skills, and your future ambitions. You like the environment, you like your boss, and you even like the commute.So what steps can you take to make this good thing last forever? Or at least until you outgrow this role and make the decision to look for work elsewhere? Here are a few ways to secure your position and make yourself indispensable to your employers.1. Make note of your accomplishments.You don’t have to brag, and you certainly don’t have to exaggerate the magnitude of your brilliant ideas and extra efforts. But if you don’t mention them to your boss, there’s a strong chance she won’t notice them at all—even if noticing your accomplishments and steering your career is part of her job. After all, your boss is a human being, and her attention is being pulled in multiple directions almost all the time. So when you get something right—or save money for the company, or prevent a big problem before it happens—find a tactful but direct way to bring this into her field of vision.2. Tackle your boss’s job, not your own.Instead of putting all of your effort and energy into staying one step ahead of your own overflowing inbox, try to track some of these tasks to their source. Don’t just execute your boss’s orders—determine the meaning behind these orders and look for better and more efficient ways to help him support the company and impress his own superiors.3. Earn the respect of your coworkers.Treat your coworkers like teammates and friends, not competitors. Even if you’re competing with them every day for the same attention and resources, de-emphasize this part of your relationship and focus on the parts that look more like camaraderie, trust, and shared goals. Offer help and provide answers to their questions whenever you can. Remember that group, team, department, and company success benefit all of you. And try to remember this fact even if your coworkers don’t.4. Protect those below you as well as those above.As the old saying goes, yell up, not down. Speak truthfully to the people in charge (with tact and discretion). And as you do so, cultivate the skills and knowledge of those below you, help them learn from their mistakes, and coach, don’t criticize. The success of your long-term career is nurtured from below as well as above.

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