Should You Quit Your Job or Stay?

This week, MyPerfectResume answered questions from readers about an important crossroad we all face at least once or twice in our professional lives: Should you walk away from your job and into the unknown, or continue to hold onto a shaky situation hoping things will get better?Question #1:This may be a matter of distorted perception or low self-esteem, but I really don’t think I’m great at what I do. I spend half my time “faking it ‘till I make it,” and the other half hanging on by my fingertips. But a job is a job, so I give it my best. If I’m not fired soon, I’ll just be living on borrowed time. Should I just quit? If I do, I’ll face uncertainty, but at least I’ll be able to leave with dignity.Answer:You’d be surprised to discover how many outwardly confident people experience these exact feelings every single day on the job.A confident demeanor, as it turns out, really does have the power to sweep people up the career ladder, often times quicker than normal (or faster than they deserve). This is just one of the quirks of the working world, and it leaves outwardly-bold-but-inwardly-self-doubting types like you with a choice: You can either downshift and take a more low-key position, or ignore the self-doubt and soldier on.Or you can try a third option: Shift your attention to a world of possibility outside of this field. Launch your career in a completely new direction, a direction that better fits the story of your life and will bring you a little more fulfillment and a little less chronic anxiety.Question #2:Long story short, I’m not sure my job (or my company) will exist a year from now. So should I just walk away? Or should I just take this train as far as it goes? For now, it’s a paycheck.Answer:No job is ever really “secure,” and no form of employment is ever permanent. It’s difficult for risk-averse types to believe this, and we all want to convince ourselves that our positions are safe just so we can get some sleep at night.But nobody promised that your current position would carry you all the way to retirement. And it looks like it may not even take you to the end of the year. It’s time to face the truth: Your cheese is moving, and if you want to eat, you’ll have to pack your bags and get ready to move as well.Clinging to this job won’t help you—it will only delay the inevitable. Be bold and take control of your own fate.Question #3:The business model for my entire industry is changing at an incredible pace. Technology is simply leaving us behind, and I’ve invested my education and my entire working life in a business that’s going the way of the teletype machine. But interest might resurge someday…anything is possible, right? I’m scared to leave, but I’m also scared to stay.Answer:Don’t be sacred—be bold. See the answer above, and recognize that no promises are made when it comes to the permanence of what we do for a living. It’s time to find a new field. Start by visiting MyPerfectResume and creating a beautiful resume and cover letter that can clear a path to your next destination.