Halloween: Is Your Job Interview in a Haunted House?

Sometimes the circumstances of your interview can be downright creepy. This Halloween, don’t accept a job offer from a haunted house.

Lessons from My Worst Job: I Was Fired for Being Too Creative

Who gets punished for making the best ice cream? Welcome to Lessons from My Worst Job, where lessons are learned and differences are celebrated.

7 Productive Things to do When You Don’t Get the Job

Rejection hurts, no matter how many times we go through it. Grab some ice cream & learn the 7 best ways to handle job rejection (like an adult).

Boss vs Leader: Learn the Truth for Your Next Interview

During your interview, assess the likelihood of a strong relationship with your future boss. It’s not as simple as boss vs leader. So, what do you do?

10 Best Tips for Great Medical Assistants

Medical assistants have a tough job. Between administrative & medical duties, it’s hard to know how you’re doing. Check out these 10 strong tips to help.

What’s the Difference Between PTO and Sick Days?

Before you say yes to a job offer, review your salary and benefits carefully. Pay close attention to the company’s PTO or vacation and sick day policy.

How to Improve the Education Section of a Professional Resume

As you launch your job search and start drafting a professional resume, four simple tips can help you highlight your academic accomplishments.  

How to Become a Teacher

Teaching is a  tough job, but it’s also rewarding and inspiring. On World Teacher Day, we show future teachers what they need to do to become a teacher. 

Labor Market Update: Fall 2016

It’s fall 2016, and your job search can’t wait any longer. Let’s check out the labor market update and see the best industry to enter in today’s economy.

Is it OK to Walk Out of an Interview?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is more complicated. Check out these five interview situations so you can save time (and dignity) in the future.


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