7 Best Tips to Balance Working Full-Time and Going to School

Working full-time and going to school can be done well, even though it’s difficult. The average college tuition  for in-state public and private universities falls between $9,000 and $32,000 per year. This doesn’t include additional expenses like books, housing, and food. When you do the math, this means one of two options for students (assuming […]

How to Write the Best Resume Summary Statement

If you think the resume summary statement is a waste of time, you’re wrong. When you job search, you’re actually selling a product (yourself!) to a narrow market of potential “buyers” (your target employers). And as with any sales message, you’ll have more success if spend time thinking about your personal brand. If your employers […]

8 Resume Tips for Ex-Offenders

Launching a job search after a period of incarceration can be difficult, but with a little help and the right tools you can start rebuilding a stable work history and putting the past behind you.

6 Jobs for Math Majors You Didn’t Know You Could Get

If you think jobs for math majors are limited to  statisticians or math professors, think again! See these six jobs you didn’t know you could get.

How to Get Time off in Shift Work

In shift work, you have a big consideration to consider when you want time off: Who will cover your shifts in your absence?

We Salute the 9/11 First Responders

The 9/11 first responders risked their lives to save others. On the 15th anniversary of this tragedy, we take a moment to remember and honor their efforts.

5 Tips to Stay Ahead at Work and Get the Kids Back to School

The transition between summer and fall presents challenges to working parents with school age children. Don’t let back to school time get the best of you.

How to Wear High Heels at Work (Almost) Painlessly

You can rock high heels at work, if you do it correctly. But it’s not easy. We walk you through the must-know tricks behind mastering that empowered stride.

10 Tips for a Strong Artist Resume

Artists need resumes for full-time jobs, exhibition opportunities, & residency positions. Check out these 10 tips to make your artist resume more powerful.

What Would Michael Phelps’ Resume Look Like?

Olympic Athletes don’t create resumes to share their skills. But what if they had to apply for their hero status by writing a resume, like the rest of us?


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