What Would Michael Phelps’ Resume Look Like?

Olympic Athletes don’t create resumes to share their skills. But what if they had to apply for their hero status by writing a resume, like the rest of us?

How to be an Entrepreneur at Your Day Job

You don’t have to invent the next exciting app to be an entrepreneur. These five tips will get your entrepreneurial juices flowing, even at a regular job.

7 Best Transferrable Sports Skills for Your Cover Letter

Your experience on the sports field also helps you in the workplace. Focus your cover letter on these seven strong transferable skills to get noticed.

What Summer Olympics’ Top Athletes Teach Us About Interviewing

Famous Summer Olympic athletes actually give us lessons to apply to all walks of life — especially when it comes to job interviewing.

5 Best Middle Child Traits to Celebrate in Your Cover Letter

In honor of Middle Child Day, we explain five valuable traits that help middle children shine brightly in their cover letters.

So You Want to be an Elvis Impersonator?

An Elvis impersonator dresses, struts, and sings just like the King himself for enthusiastic audiences. What does it take to become one?

5 Tips For a Strong Student Athlete Resume

The Summer Olympics 2016 has begun. As we watch experts perform at the highest level, our thoughts turn toward student athletes outside the Olympic arena. All over the country, young athletes work hard to make their way in the world, both on the field and in the workforce.  Some qualities (like determination and focus) carry […]

6 Best Career Tips from Barack Obama

On August 4, 2016, we celebrate the 55th birthday of President Barack Obama. Since this is his last birthday in office, we are  giving his eight-year series of White House birthday cakes a proper send-off with a few wise words from him — a person who’s made his mark as a historic and popular president, […]

How to Prepare for a Job Interview Like an Olympian

In just a few days, the opening ceremonies for the 2016 summer Olympic Games will begin. The international spotlight will focus on Rio. We’ll have a chance to witness the highest level of athletic talent in the world. Right now, final preparations are underway. a Olympians are about to find out where their years of […]

6 Best Music Industry Jobs

August 1 marks the 35th anniversary of MTV. From the day it arrived in our living rooms (with a short film played to the sound the “Video Killed the Radio Star”), MTV and music videos in general have had an extraordinary impact on our culture. But in addition to giving us new ways to think […]


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