National Dance Day: 5 Best Post-Dance Career Jobs

National Dance Day falls on July 30  To all of our readers engaged in current, former, or future careers as dancers, we celebrate you! A dancer’s life can be enriching and heart-wrenchingly difficult, sometimes all on the same day. Dancers are artists and athletes at the same time. They give everything to their profession, including their […]

5 Best Cover Letter Writing Tips for a Career Change

If you embark on a career change, your prospective employers may have questions. Follow these five tips to ensure a smooth cover letter to win them over. 

How to Avoid the 10 Most Common Entry Level Resume Mistakes

A few simple mistakes can undermine the success of your entry level resume. Keep an eye out for these common blunders as you craft your resume.

10 Necessary Skills to Include in Your Barista Resume

A barista resume will make you stand out among the other candidates, so it would be wise to create one. But, as you know, the job goes beyond coffee making. What skills should you include?

Don’t Rob Them! And Other Hilarious Job Interview Don’ts

Do you feel like you may have made a mistake or fumbled a question during your job interview? Don’t worry, we can list a few applicants who did much worse.

Mix Summer Trends in Business Casual for Women

Need to stay on trend and office-appropriate this summer? Check out these 10 style tips that incorporate summer trends and business casual for women.

How to Cover Your Tattoos for an Interview

Before you step into a job interview, you might have to cover your tattoos. How can you cover them well? When should you show them?

10 Tips to Make Your Summer Job Permanent

You love your summer job. How can you make it a year-round gig? Follow these 10 must-know tips to strengthen your chances of keeping the position.

How to Behave at The Company Summer Party

When the company summer party rolls around, have a good time. But before you focus on yourself, make sure others around you are happy and comfortable.

4 Best Job Search Tips from Shark Week

During Discovery’s Shark Week, we tune in to learn more about these little-understood ocean predators, and we gather a few takeaways and lessons that can help our readers during the job search.


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