What to do when Your Dream Job Appears

What to do when Your Dream Job Appears

 Sometimes the parallels between the job search and the dating process are too obvious to ignore…and sometimes it’s better not to try. The tips that bring success in one arena are often just as useful in the other, for a host of obvious reasons: both require strong social skills, follow through, courage, attention to detail, clear communication and a healthy dose of self-knowledge. So when you walk into the Laundromat expecting a quiet hour of fluff-and-fold and you see your ONE TRUE LOVE across the room dropping quarters into the detergent machine, it’s no surprise that the feeling is similar to that of finding a posting for your one true dream job. The sweaty palms, the nervous energy, and the starry eyes are all the same…and so is the need for quick action.  What should you do? In both cases, the answers are often the same.

Recognize what’s happening.

Don’t just gaze and daydream. This chance occurrence may happen again tomorrow or next week, but what if it doesn’t? Face the truth: a window of opportunity is opening up, and if you don’t do something—anything—then the window may close again and you may never know what lies on the other side. Gather your wits before the person grabs his or her laundry basket and heads for the door, or your dream job is scooped up by someone with a little more initiative than you.

Be direct.

You know what you’d like to happen next, even if you don’t know quite how to say it. Assemble the words in your mind or in your resume file during the editing process, and keep your message as clear and simple as possible. Don’t just throw some positive sounding statements onto the page and assume that your readers will know exactly what you want and what you’re trying to say.

Be respectful.

Never approach a stranger with rude demands. This doesn’t work in the dating arena (as anyone over the age of ten soon learns), and it doesn’t work in the job search world either. Rude behavior is not a sign of confidence. In fact, it suggests the opposite: a lack of social skills, minimal life experience, clueless entitlement, or all three. Confident people are poised, gracious, and friendly.

Follow up and take responsibility for the things that happen to you.

It’s a simple and very common fact of life: resumes fall through the cracks. Phone numbers sometimes get lost. Despite their intentions, and despite your flawless approach, busy people sometimes forget all about you the minute you step out of sight. So take control of your own destiny and follow up. Don’t wait by the phone for a call that just isn’t coming.

After a rejection, bounce back fast.

If you make an honest effort to submit your best bid and follow up in a respectful way, you may still be rejected. And if you are, you owe it to yourself to bounce back quickly. Yes, this may have been your dream job…or your one true love. But here’s something the movies don’t really teach us: There are plenty of true loves out there in the world. And there are plenty of dream jobs out there as well.If this story doesn’t play out the way you hoped, visit MyPerfectResume for some help and encouragement, and then move on to the next one.