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5 Signs of a Great Boss

Surveys and HR studies suggest that one factor holds disproportionate control over our general satisfaction with our jobs: bosses. Regardless of the nature of the work, the conditions of the workplace, or even salary size, people are more likely to speak well of their jobs if they can speak well of their direct supervisors. And they're more likely to report higher levels of restlessness and dissatisfaction with their work if they don't believe their bosses are trustworthy, respectful, or competent.

If you just landed a new position and you're still scoping out the situation, here are five indicators that suggest you've gotten lucky and signed on with a great manager.

1. She takes responsibility for your work.

She doesn't just tell you what to do and ask if you've done it. Instead, she explains the reasoning behind your assignments (when time and circumstances allow), and makes sure you understand what's expected of you. A good boss will encourage you to ask questions and get confirmation before you start working. She knows that the quality of your work will directly reflect the strength of her managerial skills, so she wants you to do well.

A bad boss will allow you to crash and burn, and then may let you take the brunt of the blame, or throw you under the bus to protect himself from angry executives or disappointed clients.

2. She treats you like a human being.

A good boss cares if you're confident or confused, motivated or burned-out, energized or exhausted, happy or unhappy. She makes sure you've taken your breaks, you're wearing your protective safety gear, and you've been properly paid for your overtime. She asks you for feedback and she listens to your answers. She knows that your needs and the company's needs often conflict, and she gives equal attention to both—she doesn't prioritize company profits over her team's health, comfort, and safety.

3. She cares about the company's customers and clients.

Just as she won't let the company compromise the health and well-being of her employees, she also won't compromise the company's commitment to its customers and clients. She won't stand behind a bad product or service, even if it means standing up to executives, refusing to cut corners, or coaching her teams (aka, you) to reach a higher standard.

4. He sets an example.

Great bosses don't hide in their offices. When there's an unpleasant task that needs to be tackled, a great boss rolls up his sleeves and goes into battle right beside his employees. He works just as hard as they do to get the job done, and he shows the way instead of just barking orders.

5. He knows that your future may differ from the future of this organization.

A great boss doesn't just take your work and hand you a paycheck in return. He's generous with thanks and praise, and he does everything he can to provide the exposure and experience you need to reach your own professional goals, even if those goals take you beyond the walls of this company.

A Great Boss Helps You Move On

When you're ready to take your career to the next level, a good boss will be sad to see you go, but she'll encourage you to achieve your dreams and she'll root for your success. Visit MyPerfectResume and share your plans with your employer when the moment is right. With a strong resume in your hand and a supportive former boss behind you, there's nothing you can't accomplish.

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