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Dress For Success: How to Tie an Unconventional Tie Knot

Not every professional job requires a tie, but the ability to choose one, put it on properly, and rock the look are all essential skills for adult men (and tie-wearing ladies).  It's wise to add this skill to your career-building toolkit.

You probably know the standard Half-Windsor knot already, but why not challenge yourself to master new styles? Nothing conveys confidence and flair like an unconventional tie knot that's been masterfully rigged. In an interview, the unconventional knot says "I can do anything you want me to do, but I also think for myself." At a work-related event, the unconventional knot says "Clothes are not the boss of me, I'm the boss of them." And at the office, the unconventional knot is just plain cool. So the next time you get dressed up, try any one of these.

The Prince Albert

For this tie, hang the small end to a point just above your belly button and hold it there. The big end will then cross over the small end, pointing toward the left. Then it swings under the small end and points toward the right. Then it crosses over the front again and points to the right again. Swing the wide end back across to the left, then straight up from behind. Then tuck it down through the loops and pull it snug.

The Miniature Knot

The Miniature Knot is very stylish right now, since it offers an unexpected sartorial swerve in the form of a tiny knob with some of the underside of the tie facing outward. To create this look, hold the big end of the tie steady and let the little end lead the action. Fold the little end into a pinch, then place a half-hitch knot (this is referred to as a simple overhand knot as well) in the middle of the skinny side. Then take the big end and push it down through the knot you created and tug it tight.

The Diagonal Knot

The diagonal knot grabs the eye and offers a neat variation that looks deliberate but unexpected. Cross the wide end over the small end, then swing the wide end back over to the right. Then swing the wide end under the small end again to the left. Do one more full swing, then tuck the wide end up and through the neck loop. Bring the wide end back down through the front knot loop and pull it snugly, adjusting the seam across the front of the tie so it pulls down in a diagonal line.

The Flipped Classic

Almost any tie will look cool if you make one minor but elegant change. For this style, tie your favorite knot and let the skinny length hang down a few centimeters longer than the wide length. In other words, just a little bit of the skinny side should show. This slight variation on the standard model stands out and might be the subtle move that helps hiring managers and new connections remember your name. Note: This style looks best on shorter folks. 

As you attend interviews and work your way up the career ladder, use every available tool and find a way to stand out and get noticed. While you're working on your tie game, apply the same approach to your application using the templates and guidelines at MyPerfectResume.

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