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How to be an Entrepreneur at Your Day Job

You consider yourself an entrepreneur, but you don't have the resources to start your own project (at least, not yet). Good news: no matter where you work, you can exercise entrepreneurial skills to get ahead.

Let us explain. August is National Inventors' Month.  When we think about inventors and entrepreneurs, we think of enterprising types who blaze new trails. More specifically, an entrepreneur creates useful objects and finds new ways to apply force and energy to systems in order to get things done. But they also organize teams, bring groups of people together, network effectively, and make organizations appear out of thin air. Entrepreneurs s notice when the people around them need a new solution to solve an old problem As they create solutions, they also generate money for themselves and those who work for them.

There's a bit of an entrepreneur in all of us. But some are especially committed to innovative projects that capture our time and attention outside of working hours. If you have something exciting happening in your garage or just in your imagination, then you understand the enticing pull of entrepreneurship. And if you channel that personal passion and apply some of it to your day job, you'll excel at your work and feel more invested. Here are a five  ways to apply your passionate nature to your job.


  • Notice and eliminate inefficiency


No matter what you do, there is a way to do it better. Let's say that your job involves processing forms submitted by applicants attempting to navigate a complex bureaucracy. Instead of just going through the motions and processing the forms according to your training, back up and look for gaps and redundancies that could be removed. Test your efforts, and see the benefits they provide the rest of the company. Whether you save time or money, your boss will be happy you took the initiative.


  • Use your empathy

Think about the feeling you get when you leave this workplace to go home and focus and your real passion. It's a good feeling, right? Now imagine that the people next to you at work feel that way about this job. People all around you (and maybe your boss and direct reports) love being here just as much as you love being engaged in your personal project. Recognize that love. Maybe you don't feel that some love, but you need to learn to respect it.


  • Remember the big picture

An entrepreneur never forgets the big picture. What does your company do? They might not be saving lives, but they contribute something meaningful to society (no matter how small). Keep that larger mission in mind when your heart starts to wander. 


  • Open doors, don't close them

Throwing your heart into this job is not a waste of time, no matter how dissatisfied you feel. If you resolve to focus fully on this work for at least eight hours a day for at least three months, you may find yourself on track to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. And in the meantime, throwing your heart into your job may evolve into a genuine love for your clients, coworkers, and stakeholders.


  • Take what you learn in one sphere and apply it to the other  

Learn as much as you can from everything that happens to you throughout the day. Learn from your mistakes, hectic rushes, quiet moments, and conversations with others. Learn from the behavior and decisions of those around you. Then take the lessons you learn from each of your endeavors and apply them to your own project. Never stop growing, no matter what.

For more on how to use your entrepreneurial spirit to become a better employee, and vice versa, turn to the career development resources on MyPerfectResume.

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