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Help! My New Boss Doesn’t Like Me

Help! My New Boss Doesn't Like Me

Here at MyPerfectResume , we often hear from novice employees who are just beginning to find their feet in the professional world. Sometimes the first few years of working life—when college is in the rear view mirror—can be extra difficult to navigate. At this stage the rules that bring "success" are quickly changing, and so are the expectations that are placed upon us by others. Relationships with authority figures can be especially difficult to understand, and though each case varies, we can say one thing with certainty: the process always gets easier with a little time and experience. Until then, keep some of these tips in mind.


My new boss doesn't like me, and I don't know why. She never thanks me for my work, she never shows any interest in my life, and she asks me for tasks that she knows perfectly well I can't deliver (for example, she recently asked me to complete a week-long project in one day). When I fail to succeed, or when I tell her clearly that I can't complete these tasks, she looks disappointed and annoyed and walks away. Am I about to get fired? Am I terrible at this job?


No, probably not. The very fact that you care about your boss and you care about her opinion tells us one thing: you're doing fine. If you WANT to do well in this environment, you'll do well….eventually. It may take a few missed swings, a few less-than-glowing reviews, and a few more jobs and employers before you finally recognize the truth: that sometimes the very best you can do won't make your boss burst into loud cheers. It doesn't matter. Keep doing your best anyway.


I started my entry level job one year ago, and during that year, I've worked harder than I've ever worked on anything in my life. I've gotten up early, stayed late almost every day, put my friends and family on hold, missed weddings and funerals for this job, and was even diagnosed with stress-related hair loss. But during my review at the beginning of January, my boss told me I wasn't meeting expectations. I'm angry, confused, and most of all embarrassed. All I want to do is be good at this job. What should I do next?


You're young, and someday you'll look back on this review and laugh at how much it meant to you. But that will be years in the future. Right now, you need to do three things, and you need to do all of them:

1.  Ask your boss for clear, measurable, actionable steps that will help you earn a better review next January.

2. Refuse to miss another wedding or funeral for this job, no matter what the steps entail.

3.  Polish your resume and start reaching out to other employers. You've given this company a year of your time and that's enough. As soon as you land a better offer, say goodbye.


Relationships Form the Foundation of Success…Except When They Don't

Do what you can to please and impress your boss, but if your best efforts don't pay off, look elsewhere for success, satisfaction, fulfillment, and direction. Start by keeping your options open and your resume updated. It's a big world out there, and the tools on MyPerfectResume can help you stay in motion.

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