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How Diversity in the Workplace Benefits Everyone

Research proves that the workplace benefits from hiring employees who represent different socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and general world perspectives. Columbia Business School, for example, recently published a study that measured the effect of group decisions in workplaces with varying levels of diversity. They found that heterogeneity promotes creativity and encourages complex thinking. There aren't many surprises here; most experienced company managers have witnessed the positive impact of diversity in the workplace. At the management level, the question doesn't usually lie in whether to promote diversity, but how to do so.

If you are responsible for hiring, the message is simple: If you want your company to grow and thrive, hire employees in balanced ratios that reflect the broader population. What does this mean for job seekers? As Americans, we strive to accomplish equality. In some areas, we still fall short; it's important to be aware, and question the environment. Read on to learn how to detect diversity in a company, and how it benefits you.

Don't Assume

Despite the well-touted benefits of hiring a diverse workforce, some employers simply do not make diverse hiring a priority. Don't assume that all companies are actively working to incorporate diversity.. Take a closer look before you commit yourself.

Conduct Some Research

Before you invest time and energy in your application, attend interviews, or accept an offer, conduct your own diversity background check. Go online and examine your potential employer's reputation. Use good internet sleuthing skills to poke around the history of the company. Look at their website. Peruse their social media pages. Google the phrase "Diversity at [Company Name] workplace" and read what you find. If your company has experienced a public backlash or seems to have a history of  diversity problems, take note. Be ready to look for additional red flags as you move through the process. When you make it to the interview round, look around the workplace as you arrive for your scheduled interview. What do you see?

Lean Toward Employers with a Strong Future

As you evaluate the strength a potential employer, , you look for signs of financial health, responsible management, and the value of the company's product or service. It's important to include employee diversity in your requirements when seeking a job as well. You want a company that can provide you with the experience and exposure that will maximize your options when you're ready to move on. Given that a diverse workplace encourages complex thinking, you know that this can only strengthen your skill set.   Also, a  company that values its employees and invests in the strength of its hiring program will be more likely to support your career growth and take you where you need to go.

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